This Is What I Wanted to say - STEEMIT & DTUBE VS. Others - WHAT HAPPENED | DTube Exclusive Video 0.4

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So guys, yesterday unfortunately I uploaded the wrong file. I apologise and hope you will understand... Now THIS is the right video file. I am talking about my bad experience with another social media platform and I am telling you WHY Steemit & DTube are the future.

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will subscribe

It's very very good

I tried uploading here on Dtube and I just keep having an error. I'm planning to start my own health/weight loss series and I hope that people will subscribe.

I had a bad experience with SOLA. Nothing beat steemit, eSteem and steem blockchain.

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If we think about the future, there will be more and more people in the world and less and less physical work through the use of robots to do the work. I think people should make an income in many different ways compare to today. One of it is sharing their passion and work. STEEMIT and DTUBE do a great worke in this area and also they take off the monopoly from big corpo

good idea for sure. i agree on your points as well

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still exploring steemit & d'tube... i'm new to this media

Subscribed. Love travel blogs. Steemit has such positive vibes it is addicting.