Travel vertically in the Opera Passage

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Even in your hometown, can you discover a lot of new places of interest?



Today I will show you the coolest shopping center in Lviv called Opera Passage!
It is located in the heart of Lviv near the Opera House.



To hold a presentation meeting or to rent an office here is very prestigious!
Today we came here to a cafe on the 4th floor to visit the women's art club. My kids have never been here before and we had a great time!

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What a cool walk post thanks for sharing this place with us

Thanks for joining Wednesday Walk :)

Thank you for your visit. I'm glad you liked my walk)

MY pleasure to visit :)

I am glad !



It was definitely a cool place for #WednesdayWalk

This post has been appreciated and featured in daily quality content rewards. Keep up the good work.

Thank you for your visit. I'm glad you liked my walk)