"60 seconds of Steem" - presented by "Morgan Freeman"

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I am so exited and passionate about this initiative of Crowdsourced Marketing Campaign that @surfermarly started.
So I decided to invest some FIAT money and to hire Voice over artist - Impersonator of Morgan Freeman to be the "voice of God" who explain Steem to the world:)
I think he did a great job. The editing, the text and the idea is mine of course.
So this is my final version for this contest
Hope you like it.

Here is the script of the video;

Do you know what is Steem?

  • Steem is the only blockchain that can power real applications
  • Steem is a social media model where contributors get big perks
  • Steem users become platform stakeholders and they earning cryptocurrency rewards for each contribution they make.
  • $ 59.595.935 Rewards paid out to Steem users since June

Steem is great for developers... Entrepreneurs.... Social Users

Why develop on Steem?
Steem processes more transactions than every other blockchain combined. It’s been tested by over 1 million people on more than 324 Steem-based apps and is free!

Steem is a great place for social users to create, share, and curate content

  • Creators - Get paid to play
  • Curators - Help your community thrive and grow by upvoting high quality content.


  • Steem enables entrepreneurs to build apps and monetize content so you can build & grow your own social media community on the blockchain.

Welcome to the blockchain of opportunity called STEEM!

If the community decide to cut out some scenes or there is a need for adding some more information or new scenes I will gladly do it.

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When the god himself is talking about STEEM! Amazing video @olegw.


Thank you!
Good gif:)

You’re on fire huh?! Another great entry @olegw, congratulations!

„The blockchain of opportunity“ is a brilliant description we may bear in mind for further communication 👌

Happy Friday!


Thank you.
„The blockchain of opportunity“ really can be the short, striking and memorable phrase that we can use in advertising steem.

Wow, nice job!
That is awesome.


Thank you😁

Love this video, well done @olegw!

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Thank you :) I think the same about your work!

That's really cool

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Thank you :)

Steem and steemit are the magical kids of blockchain mama! And how happy to the one who joined that great ecosystem/being before the future's arrival. And thank you @olegw for your very informative share!


Thank you😁


Thank you :)

how many effects i can build in a video with a length of 1 minute?



I am not sure that I understand your question.
Or you are saying that are to many effects in the video?

Wow! Awesome promotion! You are very creating! 👍

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Thank you:) Glad you like it :)

is it possible to use this on steemcasting? -- if so can you fill this out so i have permission to useit -- http://smarturl.it/steemcasting-ok -- i'll be going around asking all the #sixtysecond massive -- i'm hoping to get a block of sixty to play out in at a variety of times in the day! :)

Not Morgan Freeman, the content is true, the narrator is a pretender. Give upvote for originality, yet won't promote the Title. Sorry fake news and not right!. Will not share to other social media sites. Don't we have enough internal problems without a possible law-suit?

Just saying...


Need a disclaimer in the Title of post, just a suggestion...


Suggestion accepted:)
If is going to be the winner video I will write the disclaimer .


Just one more suggestion, might want to look at a disclaimer immediately
.. I can pretty much guarantee this has been shared externally (on other social media sites) already. Thought about doing it myself as I liked your video so much...

Once again, just a suggestion...


Yes - you can do it. Video is free to use for all the Steamians.
I will make one after the contest is over.


Did you see this "" signs? It is big deference between by Morgan Freeman and by " Morgan Freeman" and is explained in the description of the video that is not real Morgan Freeman!


Yes sir. Understand. Not trying to be critical, just giving a bit of constructive criticism.

Truly trying to head off a problem before it becomes one. No personal attack, just an observation.

Many folk just look at Titles and never read the small print. If I am wrong (would not be the first time), no harm, no foul.

Just worth taking a look at...


Excellent entry by the way. I thoroughly enjoyed it and is very creative and original!

Calling @originalworks :)
img credz: pixabay.com
Nice, you got an awesome upgoat, thanks to @olegw
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We missed this, this video is GREAT! nice work, We have upvoted a couple of your other videos in place of the reward you would have gotten for this one!

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Thank you @oracle-d much appreciated:)

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