What Do You Think About Burning Leaves?

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Hey DTube fam, What do you think about burning leaves in Fall? Every year people around the lake have to get big piles of leave to burn and smolder for weeks and weeks! Seems like a lot of unneeded smoke to me, but what do I know?
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I've never seen people burn leaves in the cities here. I really don't know why. I suspect it's because it might be forbidden, but then again, people have fireplaces for barbecuing in their yards. I guess that sort of thing just isn't done. We have a few large sacks full of leaves raked from our yard, which we will take to the waste station to be emptied there.

I really object to this. It is very unfriendly to environment. The worse is when they burn dry grass in autumn, because small animals and birds can die in a fire and smoke.
In fall, I always amazes me how many silly poeple live here, and I hoped it is only here. Now I see they are everywhere

Colorado Doesn't burn anything that I know of. They stopped allowing wood burning fireplaces in 1997ish. I think we built one of the last ones. I understand that leaves make great compost for the winter grass. Put a check mark in the "No" column for me.

I never understood why people would bother so much about fallen leaves and spend hours cleaning them up every fall. I never heard of people burning them tho, that sounds like the perfect way of triggering an air pollution alert. LOL
Leaves are part of a working ecosystem and should remain where they fall, IMO.

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Would be better to compost and add organics to your soil.