The S**t Just Hit the Fan!!!

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Hey Dtube fam. Just keeping it real with this classic Old Guy from the archives lol. It was for real but sometimes you just have to laugh at out own bad luck!!

The S**t Just Hit the Fan!!! I explain how I had an unfortunate experience while weed whipping my lawn! Hope this NEVER happens to you! Just my bad luck!

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Your story reminds me of what happened to our friends last month. They had a house full of family and possibly their big dog was offended in some way and he showed it by lay a big pile in the middle of the living room carpet while everyone was sleeping. Well, their remote-controlled Rumba Vacume cleaner that works every night spread it everywhere.

Yours could have been might have had you mouth open as the pudding was flying. lol!

Omg that is worse! At least mine was outdoors lol. Not funny at the time but they are things you never forget lol.

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Happy week !

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