How To Make Chicken Paprikash

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My mom was 100% Hungarian, but this is not meant to be anywhere near traditional. This is my quick and easy version of Chicken Paprikash. I really love this stuff and bet you will if you give it a shot.

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I have to admit, I have never seen it made this way.

Do you think that using the chicken breasts and boiling them makes them a little less flavorful? I am thinking perhaps using a rotisserie chicken may give it more flavor and you wouldn't have to use chicken powder in your recipe. Chicken powder? I have never heard of it!

Now, you have me wanting to drag out my recipe and try it again this week. I have been inspired to see if using the rotisserie is the answer to the flavor!

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Are you saying using a store bought rotisserie chicken? Oh my the ladies on YouTube would surely be merciless!

See the genius is in using the chicken powder! The chicken and the dumplings get the flavor from the sauce because of the powder!

Yes I wish you would share that recipe! Mother always said sharing is caring :p

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I'm 100% Hungarian and know chicken paprikás very well but this is nothing like the one I know. Good thing you said it's chicken paprikás, would have never guessed.

What a huge surprise! Your mother was a Hungarian ...
My wife is from Transylvania, an area with great Hungarian interference, as a result I am a big fan of Chicken Paprikash. I'll try your recipe ... for sure!

Oh I am sure your wife makes it much better. I try to find ways to make it quick and easy lol.

I also like Turos Csusza, cottage cheese and noodles! All are bad for me losing weight LOL!!

I like the quick way to cook ...
Unfortunately, the best foods harm the diet.

Thanks for sharing your creative and inspirational video!

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