Cleaning Up the Lake

in dtube •  7 months ago  (edited)

Hey Dtube fam, I am always after new content and new trash to clean up lol. Let's grab a kayak and clean up this lake. Check out

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Do you know what the awesome thing about this is? You have cleaned so much that you almost have nothing to pick up! That is pretty amazing.

You might have to move to find more trash.... Say to Florida? ;)

I know there is a lot of trash there!Tourists are the worst litterbugs!

Upped and I'll steem it in the AM


Yeah I am totally and pleasantly surprised at the lack of trash!!! That is a good thing.

Oh I know you want to see the old guy down in the Everglades with the gators LOL!

Oh, my!!! I didn't know I said that out loud. Pardon my thoughtlessness. ;)

Oh yes well I can read you like a magazine and the picture of a gator chasing the old man around would surely bring out the awesome laugh ;D

I can honestly hear you laughing about it yourself... all the way over here. ;)

Maybe but my laugh is not nearly as cute as yours. Just saying :p

It sounds so windy at some times out there
three times scared by Nature, cool you got to show us the deer and Eagle if not the fish

Not to much trash found on this trip, but thats a good thing :)

Thanks for being an active member of SteemUSA !tip

Hey JJ thanks so much for the company!!

My Pleasure my friend

That whole paddle was worth it just to see the deer vid you got.

Now.... if only you would smile !

Hmm I dont smile enough. I guess you have a point. I need to work on that!

Cleaning up the lake is good work. Humans have a bad habit of messing it up. Thank you!
~ the lake and its residents

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That's a great job you did there!

Oh deer (pun intended) - three scares in a row, eh? Gorgeous area you're cleaning, and well done for doing so. Thanks for sharing such a beautiful and peaceful (since the scares happened off camera...LOL!) kayak ride with us!

What a gorgeous lake and how wonderful of you to clean it! Have a fabulous weekend!