ArchNation | Architecture - Should I draw CDs Technical Drawings in Photoshop-Illustrator?

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To answer such a question we must first fully grasp what our programs can do. Whether the program is AutoCAD, Revit, or Photoshop each contain processes that the other lack and some are more architecturally equipped than others. Overall, I recommended sticking to Revit as it will provide you with the ability to have clean technical Construction Drawings as well as the power to produce marvelous renders, layout, and even virtual environments.

Photoshop should be limited to Photo Manipulation, Color Correction or Augmentation, Layout creation, Space Planning, Marketing Boards, Image Repair, and other limited exceptions. As an Architectural Designer you want to create a workflow that's as simple and straight forward as possible without creating more work for yourself. Whether this extra work is generated from transition back and forth between Photoshop and AutoCAD, correcting Pixelation, or even the loss of quality of the Raster image.

Remember when you're working a Raster File prevents you from being about to enlarge out shrink items or images, where as Vector allows for near unlimited scaling without the lost of quality.

I hope you enjoyed todays video. Thank you for Watching!

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