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This is a summary of my steem experience and journey into the crypto world.

I had the time today to think about alot, especially life without steem. I came to the realization that I have gained so much in the past 4-5 months using this platform. Asides a constant stream of income, I have learnt new things. So steem has indeed changed my life.

Things will never be the same. It is a struggle but I believe it will pay in the end. I see so much potential in this platform. From the amazing people to the developments going on here. There is a conscious approach to steem. I believe this is a step or are steps in the right direction, and I feel opportuned to be here at this point in time, when it all started.

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Good thing I'm doing so well in steemit. On the other hand I write and write and I still do not see my good luck coming. I'm reviewing what I write to see if I suddenly get more in tune with the audience that reads on steemit. Well, your message gives me courage. I'll keep trying. Greetings

Sometimes its not about writing well but connected with the rigg people and community. Keep on steeming and find new ways of connecting with others. It will pay in the end.

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I'll do that! thank you

I use to be very poor when it came to writing, I post almost everyday and am doing great and I can only improve

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That's a good thing. Practise makes perfect. I started writing about 8years ago and I have seen improvement so far. Enjoy the learning experience.

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Consistency and efforts will real its own benefits in due time! It’s great to be a part of your journey!

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It is a pleasure. The sky is just our stepping stone. We will all achieve greatness on this platform.

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I'm new here and I feel that I don't have enough time to read all.

Great to hear some positive words about Steem Platform buddy and to be honest it kind of made the users feel like family in a way and have really made an impact in most of our life and I am glad that I am a part of it.

While no worries you are going to be a future Millionaire indeed ; )

Cheers to that !!

Lol I bet I will... Thanks for your nice words.

Steem on...

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I'm happy for your testimony. I know Steem has changed and is changing many lives but in majority of the cases, Dtube is the center figure of it all.

Keep up Vlog and you sure would testify forever.

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Thank you very much.

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Well said my friend,
I believe in steem and it has the potential. Its really a source of income as well as a platform to learn new things.

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Yeah, steem offers us a unique opportunity to monetise out content. So it is both fun and work at the same time. It has definitely added value to my life.

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Wow, so im just starting here, And your post just made me more excited to start my journey here, my blogging journey

Haven’t watched this one yet but positive vibes sure do go a long way :)

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