$100 STEEM GIVEAWAY! 2 Winners will be chosen! Details inside!

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I'm giving away $100 worth of Steem! All you have to do to qualift is upvote this video and be following me! Winners will be announced on my next video! Good luck!

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Note: I might start doing these giveaways once a week! We'll see how this one goes!

Note2: I'm waiting until this post pays out to announce the winner. It will give more people a chance to join and it will help get my followers up to make the next giveaway bigger and better!

I hope I can win this contest this time. Thanks for hosting @nolly.

Good luck bud! Winners will be chosen in my next video! :D

I wish i will be one of the lucky winners! Need to raise money for my grandma's heart checkup. Thank you so much for this contest!

Youre welcome! Good luck!

Good lad. Good luck everyone.

Done and done. Thanks for hosting the giveaway. Looking forward to seeing your content. Take care.

you're welcome! good luck!

3rd here!😃

Upvoted & followed you @noly for more crypto updates!

Thank you and good luck! Winners will be chosen randomly in next video!

I hope I get to win some steem bro

Heck yeah show me the money if I win I'm gonna spread the love right back withy fellow steemians love making money for what I'd do on Facebook and Twitter anyway and helping out others to make money for doing the same steemit freaking rocks lol steem on

Love it! Good luck! Build up that Steem Power!!

Done. ;)
Good luck with collecting all of them. :D

Not looking forward to it. haha :P

Good luck!

$✓ = "ed";

{Upvot, Resteem, Follow}✓

Does a Nano S hold Steem or SBD?

I'm about 99% sure it doesn't. Steem is very safe where it's at though on here to be honest. I wouldn't move it away from your Steemit account unless you're sending it to an exchange to sell.

Sounds good I want to get one still once I have earned enough on here. I appreciate your response and you got yourself a follow!

Thank you and no problem! Make sure you order it directly from them. Going through third parties like Amazon and Ebay have been getting people hacked with these hardware wallets. I'm assuming people are reselling and putting some kind of software in them to hack it later on.

Also, always keep a copy of your passwords and private keys on paper stored away somewhere safe. You never know, your computer could crash someday. Better safe than sorry.

Maybe luck plays 🍀


I wish you will fullfil your target and dream within 2019......lets do the work in your own way...

Dear Sir @steemvote
I sent you 0.5 SBD URL on the memo : https://steemit.com/travel/@bangausamparan/the-old-city-of-jerusalem-201817t74955822z
Almmost ten hoyr ago
Still haven't got upvoted and resteemed yet until now
Please do have recheck on it
Thank you and regards,

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Good luck everyone!

Can i be second.

Winners will be picked by a random number generator. Good luck!

I was here and I witnessed everything ...here I'm
Success ahead

wish me good luck

O'gawd, let this freebee fall on my weak Steem that it might receive life strength and life.

I followed you @nolly.

done upvote and follow. Hope to win this contest.

Hi it is my first here in Dtube. Hope I can win this contest.

Im a hodler too! Cool contest, thanks.

Hope am not late?! Still finding my foot here, am just about 6+ days old... 100$ worth of Steem is a great form of motivation!.. Hope i win!.. Thumbs up

Thanks for hosting this great giveaway. Looking forward to your content.

He..y I did. Follow and upvote you :)

Thanks for the contest ☺️i hope I can win it.
Upvoted and followed you @noly

I like your Bio...Hodling everything til 2019! Smart!

We wait for next video

You got a 11.25% upvote from @allaz courtesy of @noly!

Done upvote :)

and done following :)

done qualift your video on dtube and following you :)

Upvoted and Followed. Have a wonderful day!

I need to secure at least 1 out of two of those bags lol 💰💹

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This would ultimately be my first win, if should win.
At least i'll me
School debts are settled.

Wow! Is this for real? Such a generous heart! Glad that someone like you exists! Good luck and more powers to your journey! :)

upvoted and following!

Good luck everyone...
Mission Completed @noly

Quite a large giveaway... A good start for 2018 by @noly, hope I win this.

I wish~
Thank you~

I like what your doing. Looking forward to learning and earning more from YOU !!! The upvote, the follow and the Resteem have been done.
Show me the way and who to use so I to can Pay and Play !!!
Thank you

Thanks for helping out the little guys, it’s hard out here for a minnow!!

upvoted and followed

I believe I'll emerge as the winner. Thanks all the same. Good work

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My kids would sure appreciate it!

Done i follow you and i upvote your post :D

Thanks for all this info, us new minnows(guppy) need to learn how to swim, thanks for the armbands.

This is very interesting. I need to win this content

Thank for you this!
Good luck to everyone :)

This is great idea! Good luck everyone!

Thanks. I'm following and upvoted. Are you sue that's all I have to do?This is a great opportunity.

Thanks for the opportunity @noly You are a good sport!

Done both.
Happy STEEM :D

Done both of them.
Happy Steeming :D

I wish I will be lucckky!😀

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