Some highlights from House Of Vans London ELIJAH BERLE PRO SHOE WEAR TEST

in dtube •  last month

Hi steemians and DTube crew! I caught some cool clips at yesterdays wear test in London, at the HOV.

It seems to be the only place that can drag me out of Essex at the moment!

I was going to have a little skate until I saw the size of the stairs, much bigger than I had expected (it's always that way!).

But I got some tricks of my team mates Radman and Eddie Belvedere and also got my bro Yung Rosemary handling a trick or two.

Anyway, thanks for watching guys!
Hope you are having a lovely weekend! =)

LOVE is all

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Resteemed by @steemskate.

Maaaan nollie heel bs 50 WHAAAAAAAAT?
And that varial heel over.God damn your homies are killing it bro.
You are lucky that you can attend in such events Mark, I'm so jealous.


Yeah man!! Eddie is so rad, they all smashed it, the landing was super bouncy apparently.
Yeah man a lot of the people I grew up skating with ended up working within the industry! So now I can rock up to these things and get vip as it’s my homies running it 😂.....

“Yo man! It’s me! Nicolson! How’s it going? Any chance of a wristband to get some free drinks?”

Hahaha! Not quite like that, but years of skating for death mean some big respect in the UK. What can I say, people hook me up good brah! 😎

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