This BACKYARD SKATE RAMP has DEF seen better days! - IS THE DEATH RAMP DEAD? @nicolcron DTube VLOG

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Good day to you my fellow Steemians and DTube familyyyyy! =)
Today I took a little stroll down the end of the garden, over at the Death Skateboard Head Quarters (just outside of London, in Harrow UK) to see what kind of state the ramp is currently in.

Looking a bit worse for wear, this ramp is due to be to be cut down by a foot, from 5 to 4 feet tall, as smaller often equals more fun in the skateboard world!
So once the weather is a bit dryer, some of the guys are going to get it all chopped and resurfaced in time for some summertime fun!

I am very excited about this I can tell you!

With all the concrete parks popping up everywhere, the old classic WOODEN mini has become a bit of a rare sight these days, usually hiding away in backgardens and quite probably in the same kind of condition unfortunately.

Thanks for watching! Hope you are having a lovely day!

LOVE is all

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Can't wait to see some footage on that ramp bro.
Resteemed by @steemskate.

I want to see a repair video about this ramp! Hopefully it is not doomed and you can repair it soon :)