Rubble Spot SKATE SESSION - Filming the local SKATEBOARDERS at their HAND MADE STREET PLAZA @nicolcron SKATE VLOG

in dtube •  23 days ago  (edited)

Hi there Dtubers, steemians and all STEEMSKATERS!!

I am sorry to say that theres no tricks of me today, as I explain at the start of the video I haven't been feeling myself lately.

It's kinda personal and kinda private,* you don't need to know the details, trust me, but needless to say I could really do with some positive vibes right now if anyone has any going spare!

I hope I will be feeling better soon, so I can go get some skates in on this spot.... It's truely a work of art!

Aaaaaaaanyway, that is all for today my friends! I hope you enjoy my bro's skating their spot!
...oh yeah, music by me as usual!! =)

Thanks for watching! See you soon!

LOVE is all

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Positive vibes from London via Africa

Thank you so much dude!! 🤗

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Much love from Greece man! Positive vibes all the way!
How about making some awesome music for one of my vlogs bro? Would creating a song cheer you up?

Thank you so much dude, I will see how it goes today and try to make something.
Cheers bro!! 🤗

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Just bought a sony handicam bro, it might be the same as yours. I would love to use your music for my first videowith my new gadget.
Cheers mate 💕💪✌

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Excellent spot brother, great trick session, all really perfect, I hope to see you again in action friend Nicolcron, much love.

Thank you so much bro!!
Yes it is a beautiful spot!!

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Don't let anything affect your positive attitude towards everything bro.
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