Sheffield Skatepark and DIY with some Death Skateboards Team mates @nicolcron SKATE VLOG

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London last week... Sheffield this week... I am really getting about these days!
Greetings DTube and Steemians!

After heading to Sheffield to be interviewed for a new '9 Club' Style show from the UK called...
The V.H.S. Show

I remember very little about the interview apart from being drunk and talking shit about sports brands sneaking their way into skateboarding hahaha!

The following day we went for a skate and todays vlog is the result.

As usual, Ronny Calow (another skater 20+ years riding for Death Skateboards) showed us how to skate his local and Dan Cates and I were happy enough watching Ronny do his thing.

We then had a brief skate at one of their MANY DIY spots... (The sheffield scene and skaters are very well respected in the UK for being so active)

It was a sleepy day for me but I am very stoked I can share some of Ronny's casual shredding at his local park with DTube.

Thanks for watching! =)
See you next time.


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Dude the first park looks so sick and your friends are killing it for real.
So much flow and pop.That ollie to fakie daaaamn.
You filmed this with your iphone bro?Cause it looks sick.

Thanks dude, yeah all iPhone! On a sunny day it looks great! I’m getting better at holding it steady too!

Ronny has been killing it for years!
You can tell that he skates that park a lot!

Cheers dude! I apologise for slow replies recently, been very busy for a change!!

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i like your post. I love your personality. 👏👏👏

Thank you so much @mahmoudh!
I have really started to enjoy being on camera nowadays! It took me a little while to get used to it but I am finally feeling comfortable and confident enough to talk more naturally to the camera.
Thanks for the comment my friend, have a good one!! =)

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