TIME to MAKE BEER! - Setting up cheap homebrew LAGER kit @nicolcron DIY VLOG

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Hi there DTube and Steemians! The weather is CRAZY today, so I stayed inside and started something I have been meaning to do for ages.

A super cheap homebrew kit from a brand that I have used a few times before, is todays video.
In one of the batches a couple of bottles were almost drinkable!

I love DIY stuff like this and hated the idea of this going to waste, so I set up this kit before it goes out of date.
I am missing a lot of pretty important items to do this in a proper way, but I managed it a few times with this gear so why not give it another try?

Big shoutout to any other homebrewers out there! I am sure you have some tips for me?
Please... be gentle!
Hahaha! I am sure I prob made many amateur mistakes, but it all about learning! Let me know!

Hope you all having a lovely weekend!
Keep up the good work my DTube friends! =)

LOVE is all

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Great video @nicolcron this is some #awesomediycontent


Cheers mate! There will be further updates as the brew goes. I can’t wait to make the ‘first pint’ video =)

Then we might see some diy stomach pumping if it it didn’t brew properly hahaha!

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