Achieving 60 REP + My thoughts on WHY PEOPLE ARE RELUCTANT to make their ''I AM 60" post @blind-spot inspired VLOG

in dtube •  last month

I must admit that I am a little late with this video (I am nearly 61already) but was inspired by @blind-spot to go through with it and make this post.
A video of his brought up the subject of Why we don't see more "turning 60" posts

His post is linked below

Thank you for the inspiration @blind-spot!

Massive respect and thank you going out to to each and every steemian and all the DTubers making this place so amazing and supporting each other so we can all achieve and reach our goals =)

Thanks for watching! Hope you all have a good one!

LOVE is all

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Congratulations on your achievement. Keep up the good work and thank you so much for constantly adding value to @dtube. We appreciate your work.

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Aw thanks @onelovecuration!! And thank you so much @priyanarc, that’s much appreciated =)

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Welcome dear and congrats again.

Thanks for the shout-out bro.
I remember when I was 50 rep and @web-gnar was like 57 and I was thinking "wow" can I reach that?Well look at me 64 rep now lol.

The key as you said is to find your natural enviroment and stick to it without loosing faith if a couple of your posts don't do that great.
I mean we skaters upload on insta for not even a penny.Hehe.

Congrats on reaching rep 61 bro, if it wasn't for the Death video I bet you would be like 65 right now but who cares, let's just all keep Steemin and skating.

You weren't lucky, you put in the WORK and got what you deserved. Congrats man!


Ah nice one bro!
It’s weird, I’m super stoked to be at 61 now but it doesn’t seem to affect too much in how I can help others (Other than me resteeming a post maybe), my upvote is still only about 0.03 steem, so I am not big balling just yet!

I hope to be able one day to have a big vote value so I can help everyone out more!


Don't view steemits monetary system as some kind of important part but more as a privilege. Steemit could very well be just another social media site without having any reward system, but it does!

AND YOU DID TURN 61! LOLOL. YOU DID IT ON THE KNICK OF TIME! I however, never did one.... lololol


Only just!! It’s pretty funny to turn 61 with my 60 video. I might actually just claim that it was on purpose... hahaha!
All part of the plan!! Hahaha!

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Thank you dude! Yeah I think if I put as much time and effort into posting videos I can increase my growth rate!!

I will hopefully get to make a skate vlog tomorrow bro!!

Cheers dude! Have a good one ✌️❤️

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how do you get to 60 just good comments or post alot


Hi @steeming-Ali
Yes 60 is reached with good comments and regular posting!
I would make at least one post a week and would comment on other people’s posts that I found interesting.
Hope that helps!! =)

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