'The Nicolcron Theme Song' @nicolcron VLOG - I MADE THE HAPPIEST SONG I COULD! My very own INTRO MUSIC =)

in dtube •  17 days ago

Good morning to you awesome DTubers and Steemians!
I am excited to announce that I have my own theme song now! Hahahaha!

I stayed up last night thinking about what my dtube channel needs, and came to a strong realisation that I NEED AN INTRO!
"A nice jolly tune will get the ball rolling", I thought to myself. So I put the computer on and then this happy little fellow fell out of my head!

As far as I am concerned it is perfect!

I will be uploading to DSound also this afternoon so apologies if it seems like I am over hyping it, but as DSound makes a post automatically on steemit so you might be sick of it by the time I start using it! =)

I will make a montage of my finest (silliest) moments to accompany perhaps 15 seconds of the tune so it is a proper snappy little way to start each video I make.

3 coins gaming video coming this afternoon also, so watch out for the song's debut later on today!

Also if anyone has any advice for my intro video and song please let me know in the comments!

Well done everyone, I am so proud to be a DTuber! This place is really taking off I love it!!

LOVE is all

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Love how excited and positive you are!

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Hi there @justhempit!
Aw thank you! I love that!
I’m pretty hyped a lot of the time anyway, but for some reason whenever I press record on the camera I can’t stop smiling, and generally being silly and it all seems to work out!
Thanks for that lovely comment!!
Have a good one! =)

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Maaate that was fuckin brilliant.
The song fits so well with your happy and positive personality and it also leaves me with some sort of old early 2000's skate intros music feeling.
Like watching "Girl Yeah right" or "Menikmati" ,I don't know why.
I am sure it will fit perfectly with your vlog intros Mark.
Need some music too bro , youa re learning fast.


Yes brother!
Thank you dude, I have tried to make soo many beats and they all come out kinda like this... Its like they all have this certain kinda sound to it.
I think I am finally getting my own ‘style’ =)

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