COPS OWNED Over Ignorance of Law! WSP Troopers Ignore Complaints & Confronted With Their Bad Ethics

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VA Hospital Cop Doesn't Like Transparency

I've made repeated attempts to get through to these guys. For over a year and a half I have tried to talk to WSP troopers about their unlawful use of unmarked cars for enforcement patrol cars. They refuse to even listen and like true order followers spew the same predictable responses. Proving yet again there is no such thing as a good cop. They all back their blue line brothers and sisters and the ruling class that bribes them with stolen money. I decided a new tactic was necessary. A little over a month ago I submitted some public records requests with WSP, one of them being a list of all unmarked WSP enforcement vehicles not under cover or for general investigative work. Those are the exemptions for enforcement vehicles listed in RCW 46.08.65. Now I have a list of trooper violating the law. Check out this video to see how they act when confronted with this truth. Please Upvote, ReSteem and Follow!

Links to sources:

WSP public records request documents for Spokane County unmarked -
RCW 46.08.65 -
Extortion Everywhere videos featured on my channel with WSP;
WSP 1st amendment audit -

WSP Olympia -

WSP Copwatch Everett -

Questionable Authority videos on unmarked vehicles and WSP;
WSP A copwatch story part 3 -

WSP Trooper Cook "That's the car they gave me" -

WSP copwatch Trooper Senger "It's Traffic Control" -

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100%! They don't care about statutes unless they are threatening us with violence and extorting money or throwing us in a cage for infractions. No victim, no crime! Live free my friends.