Minetest comes to Neoxian City

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It's like Minecraft but without the expense.

When we created a working Minecraft server in the hopes to make a virtual 3d Neoxian City, we realised that the cost of $28 and the limitation to PC was too high for a wide scale of people to join us. Quickly afterwards we emigrated to Minetest, which not only supports PC, but linux and Android too.

We've already had at least 100% increase in people joining since the migration two days ago.

@raymondspeaks gives you a tour of our virtual city in the video below

Looks good doesn't it?

The good thing about Minetest is that it's free to use and open source. So not only can we use a whole army of plugins and mods available to us, we can also code our own. Or, at least, someone can have a go at making us some.

This is a big project with a huge future, and we hope people come in and take a slice sooner than later before it gets too crowded!

Want to download and join?

Go to: https://www.minetest.net/downloads/ and download the client. PC, Mac, Android and Linux are supported.

The server you want is: and the port you want to put in is: 30000

Make sure you set a username and password as these will help the server recognise its you that is joining.

The PC version will be a little confusing after you have unzipped the file. If you open up your "bin" folder, then your executable will be in there.

Happy Building!


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Joined in for a minute, but left before causing too much havoc. I think I destroyed the sign at the entrance... sorry about that.

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This is pretty cool... using Minetest is definitely a better idea compared to Minecraft, seeing as it lowers the barrier to entry for people to go onto the server!

I was looking at using Minetest in place of Minecraft as well, seeing as it's free, at least in terms of the construction bit... I might still look at using Minecraft for some sort of server involving NPCs, though!

I played Minecraft with my kids and found it quite fun but that was when I had much more time either in Creative or Survival mode. 👍

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