How can you help to reduce FOOD WASTE?

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In India the remaining food from a party or festival is mostly donated to the orphanages. And the leftover from daily meals is given to stray animals.


That's very good information because in UK most of wasted food goes to bin 😢😢

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That's really sad


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Nice one! Thx :D

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I'm not sure if it's an American thing, but when I searched 'Too Good to Go' on my phone, it pulled up a very similar app called 'Food for All' - it seems good

Thanks for this tip, @neopch !
Food waste is an economic, environmental, and ethical issue everyone in more developed areas should think about and try to fight


I live in UK and it's working here as well as in Europe as far as I know :)

No worries. That's pleasure :) Thank you for comment.

Bless Ya! 😎👊

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