My new journey begins with appreciating the Angels @alphasteem @snook @kawaiicrush

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First post with this new account is dedicated to 3 Angels

  1. @alphasteem
  2. @snook
  3. @kawaiicrush

The next post will be dedicated to 4 more angels and then on the 7th January fully updated model of LinkSeven77 will be published.

Please note that I’ll not be posting with @nathanmars account anymore and it’ll be be used for Resteems ONLY.

Wish me luck with search for 77 Angels this year to bring value to you, your community and your project.

Thanks 🙏
Telegram nathanmars7
WhatsApp +447901003594
Twitter nathanmars7
Discord nathanmars#2708

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First I want to thank you for making this wonderful video Nathan. It feels so nice to be appreciated and to know that you thought of us ladies <3 and most of all to know we have had a positive impact on your journey!

I want to say that I first heard of @alphasteem when I was brand new! I knew nothing about blockchain and I was a total noob to be honest! But here was this beautiful, talented woman Alphasteem! She was everything that a creator should be! Kind, sweet, generous, and talented! Her cooking videos are top notch, she is always on point, she is a great role model for Steemians the world over.. and she is a very inspiring woman! She is really such a motivator! Especially because when I joined I noticed Steem was male dominated and to have a female to look up to was really something special to me as a woman!

Then about 2 months ago I heard of this caring, beautiful, and talented lady named @Snook! She speaks with sincerity.. always from the heart. She is genuine and honest.. and she has a great sense of humor! Her videos always have an interesting message and I know that she cares for the community from the bottom of her heart!

I am so thrilled to be along side these lovely women who truly are Angels Nathan.

I could say more about you but I know you have asked us to focus on the Angels in this comment section so I will respect that.

I look forward to this exciting year ahead! We are all embarking on such a wonderful adventure together! I wish you all the best year ahead that you have ever had!

Sending all who read this positive vibes and love!



Great to have met you with the comment! I enjoy engaging across the ecosystem so I look forward to adding your content to my list of content creators I engage with. The movement @nathanmars is doing is quite impressive and has encouraged me to continue to broaden my engagement even more!

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Thanks Newageinv! Nice to meet you and looking forward to getting to know one another better :D

Thank you so much for your very kind words!! I'm very sorry for getting back to your beautiful comment so late. life the last days have been.........

I am very honored to be on this list with you and Alphasteem.

Didn't even see this Post until tonight. I Follow both @snook and @kawaiicrush. I will follow @alphasteem now.

But I can say both @snook and @kawaiicrush have amazing energy and such positive vibes. They are Angels for sure.

Just gotten to know @Kawaiicrush in the last week or two and she is an amazing Content Creator as well as very accomplished actress in her own right. I can't stop laughing at her videos they are so well done with her beautiful mom and daughter who are so awesome.

@Snook just has that "it" factor and is super cool. She is charismatic as well as a very down to Earth person. And one of those people who you could count on to be there for you no matter what.

Great selection of people for this post.

Hello nathanmars first of all i wanna say it's a great and positive start of linkseven77 project and you are doing very well and i can see your effort. Three angels you have selected i know all of them , @alphasteem i didn't get chance to communicate with her but i saw her vlogs (cooking show) which are awesome and i like her cooking style plus way of presenting the show.

@kawaiicrush she is one of most gorgeous pretty lady who is very generous and interactive with everyone. She is so much supportive plus her vlogging style is so much natural which attracts me most, that's why i am her regular audience . She is a sweet , smart person and i just love her personality.

@snook i met her from ramble community and she is one of the most talented sincere person i have met. She really cares for community and always left massages in her video. She is caring, honest. She has a very positive mind set and hilarious, i can't stop giggling at her videos...

I will look forward for other angels because i know nathan you will pick the right angels for this community...

You are such a sweetheart Priyanarc! Honestly you are as beautiful inside as you are on the out and you are a pleasure to have with us on the blockchain! If I could choose the next angels I would choose you! Also my friend @prettynicevideo because she is such a sweetie pie too! And @vincy! I am sure there are more but those are the girls who come to mind! If boys could be angels I would choose @shahzadeh. You guys are so sweet and I am so very lucky to have meet all of you here <3 We are going to do amazing things together guys!

YASSSSSS!!! we will call them, ...ANGEL ... 🤔🤣🤣🤣🤣 #zap

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😬I don’t want to be a fish I want to be a 🧜🏼‍♀️ mermaid or a princess hmm or maybe a 🦄 unicorn 🤪oh boy I never grew up 😂

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Naaaawwe.. ;3 thank you!! I can be a little baby minnow fishy angel i guess LOL xD


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@prettynicevideo such a sweetheart kind person also i always enjoyed her videos so much.. @kawaiicrush you are such a sweet lady with sweet thought and kind hearted person.. That's why i always appreciate and support you...Both of You guys are really awesome.. love you all..

Thank you so much....I'm a LOT blown away by your words. I don't really know what to say other than THANK YOU <3

Thank you!!

I havent met @alphasteem yet but her name sounds baddass so I definitely wanna check out her blog!

I've heard absolutely amazing things about @Snook as well though, she is really quite adored and respected in the community and I hope I get a chance for more interactions with her in the future. :>

@kawaiicrush I know! Hahah! She is fantastic! She is probably gonna read this cause I tagged her so HEYYYY we should voice again soon! I know I dont got much fancy things to talk about since I'm still kinda in the stages of learning the ropes a little and figuring out who is who and what's what and stuff, but you really are a fantastic and constantly supportive person and I really look up to you and what you are doing for everyone :> you got so much drive and passion for this community and its simply the best.

I hope to one day have the amazing nature and shining, uplifting capacities as these people too.

Feel free to hit me up anytime peeps, my discord is on my blog info thing under my name and I'm always available except when im working xD I'm also around on twitter too if you want a more general way to text me! Always looking to get to know people more and make new friends, and learn sweet new things.


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Thank you!! I hope when we meet I can live up to what you all heard loll

Thank you!! I hope when
We meet I can live up to
What you all heard loll

                 - snook

I'm a bot. I detect haiku.

Thanks Nathan! I'm glad you ended up doing dtube and I can inspire you to join. Especially now looking back what happened with dlive it's a great choice! Can't wait to see all the angels, there are a lot of worthy ones for sure!

No more saying sorry for long video. Hehe we all have the right to create long or short video. Okay no more comment on you.

You know, I was inspired by @snook super long time ago even before I joined dtube. And really, her laughter is contagious. She is so true, so loving, so full of insights. And many things.

Then when I joined dtube, here comes @kawaiicrush to comment my my lousy video, which she boosted my confidence to go on. And when I joined discord asking for help, she was there. Really, people will love her. Hehe.

@alphasteem, the first time I hosted food model vlog contest, she joined. I check her out and then oh my, her video is so good, I felt like my contest was unworthy to host her. Haha. She is so humble, and brilliant lady also.

I really love many Steemians here. If is not for them, I would leave. So now even if steem price is low, we are going to stay together because of one another.

Very prompted to comment about you, but I will listen to you and keep my mouth shut. But still want to thank you.

Great year ahead. 😊🎉

@iamjadeline you honor me with your words. Thank you from the bottom of my heart!

I've known @snook quite some time now, longer than most. She has really come into her own and found herself here. I am proud to call her sis and love her just the same. Very deserving of being labeled an angel, even if she doesn't think so. Seeing her blossom and spread her wings has been a real joy. Glad you see that too.🤗😎

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Watch the full video and really I have to say that sir you are really cares for other deeply 😊. Well I know all the three Angels that you had mentioned in the video saw some of the videos of them and really I have to say that this 3 angels are really very hardworking 😊. Well the one who I know closely is @kawaiicrush and I feel glad to know her closely I have to say that really she's very kind and loving person 😊😊 and a bit of funny too😂 I hope we meet someday😊.
@alphasteem is really a very great cook from Romania :) I hope someday I would get a chance to eat the food made by her :)
@snook well I don't know much about you but really I love your presence in front of the camera.
So, a very big, big thanks to you for contributing towards the community 😊😊
We will definitely try to follow your footsteps 😊

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@freecrypto...... Thank you for your kind words. I am just me. It is all I know how to be.

  ·  8 months ago (edited)

I shall check out the other two angels for sure... but the person I world like to mention is @snook. At the beginning of my Steem journey about a year and a half ago one of the writing exercises I did regularly was the '5 minute freewrite'. I was always trying to tell a story in the 5 mins, which is a bit of a tall order if I'm honest. My background in creative writing means I hold myself to a (sometimes) unrealistic standard with fiction, but snook was allways present on those freewrite blogs encouraging and commenting at a time where I was rediscovering my confidence after a long period of writers block. Her encouragement, and that of the steem community as a whole, are what kept me writing and developing my craft to the point where I earn some of my living freelance writing for websites now. This return to confidence is something I will treasure forever.

Snook's kindness and genuine care for people on steem is the real deal. Definitely an angel in my eyes 🤗

Hey @raj808!!

You honor me greatly!! Your freewrites were always a joy to read and you were a joy to get to know. I'm so happy to hear I might have played a small part in you becoming who you now are. hugs

  ·  8 months ago (edited)

She @kawaiicrush truly is one of the great, flapping her wings over the steem-world brings on the much needed warmth. Glad I/you did find my/your way into her blog/heaven.
Succes nathanmars.


Thank you so much @murathe it is in my nature to love. I want to share my love and joy with all of you and see all of you shine!

It's cool that you are starting the next part of your journey with appreciation. I am not familiar with Alphasteem but Snook is a fantastic choice as is KawaiiCrush.
All the best with this journey, with your journey...with our journey :D

hugs and thank you <3

Of course these Three Angels doing great job for dtubefamily777 and these Three Angels deserve to respect because these angel are full devotee to this family.
I know @kawaiicrush and @snook since october,boths are very polite and humble and her nature is also very good.
I don't much know about @alphasteem but soon I fallow him.
I also appreciate your mind set that you much care everyone. I also want to wish you best luck for starting new journey and congrates spending 7 year on #steem on this 7th january.
We appreciate the untiring efforts of you and we all hope to strengthen this together and take this project to the heights of success.
Thank you brother @nathanmars7

Thank you !!!!

Yay for @snook! And the other two, though I don't know them well yet.

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:D Thanks @improv!!

Wow a new dawn, I'm mostly anticipating, and what a way to start the new year by announcing these beautiful women, by popular demand I'll go for them anytime for the angels, me and @snook go way back and to see her here is only a testament of how amazing she's been really.
I hope to see everything pans out and the prospect of the 777 is even just getting started.

me and @snook go way back

We do :D and it's been wonderful to see your great journey you are on. Thank you for your very kind words!

@alphasteem, @snook and @kawaiicrush, keep spreading the positive essence and in my opinion people who give Productive Criticism and contribute from the base are real players without any doubt. So keep up and enjoy this journey.

@nathanmars7, Thank you so much for introducing these three angels.

Stay Blessed all. 🙂


I know you selected right ways @nathanmars7. I really prefer to add @kawaiicrush on your seven angel list. She's pretty creative and helpful. Another both angels also better for improve linkseven77 project. Waiting to see others through final announcing video.

I hope this new account will be more developed in the future

Nathan Jnr. welcome to steem blockchain, haha 😊😀
This project is a laudable one and I am really happy to be part of it. In the meantime, I am working on my znap intro too. Dropping soonnnnn!

Thanks for keeping us up to date with the work Nathan! You're content is wonderful! Where can I go to learn more about Linkseven77? I'd love to see where I can add value to the project :) Many cheers & Keep up the good work!

Thanks for your encouragement brother, Appreciate it !

We'll be posting full vision of LinkSeven77 on this account on the 7th January.

I would kindly ask you to wait until then and Thanks for your patient.

Only if you really can't wait then..

I don’t think you could have made better selections 👍 congrats you three 🥳

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🤗💖💩<-I said in emoji I love ya Dooks! Sending you a virtual hug 🤗

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Careful I cling like a dingleberry 😅🤣🤪


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Thank you!!

Your welcome hun 😘

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You got a perfect Angels @nathanmars who will be a rolemodel for all. Dtuber and steemians...i never interacted with @alphasteem but the other two are actually angels in human flesh. ....pretty excited to see how things are coming up in coming days... @snook both rocks👍

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Thank you so much for all you do @steemflow!!

Fambam rocks..👍

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  ·  8 months ago (edited)

the right choice my brother @nathanmars. brother @Kawaiicrush is a very friendly person

@kawaiicrush leaves nice comments on my videos so I appreciate. I haven't had any encounter with @snook and @alphasteem, will check them out.

I think you spoke about something that touched me. We have a lot of people who have opinions on this blockchain but no action. I am trying to break out of that and promote steem and dtube. I have a positive feeling about this platform and project.

Welcome Angeles, all the support you provide will be blessed in the future, you will be an important part in the gearing of this great project. Our votes because they continue adding efforts.


@kawaiicrush mam a lot better Many help us.

Aww thank you Touf! Yes we are here to help you grow and achieve your dreams <3

You are welcome mam

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I only know @kawaiicrush .. Her vlogs are so amazing and she's a very nice person. I will take the time out to view @alpahasteem and @snook. Blessings.


Yes, I think its great Selection. You Know the top is my fav Dtuber :D and I am always trying check the other tow great users.
Thanks for update and waiting for the next :D

Your efforts to bring value all over the place are amazing.

Good thing we have you around Nathan

This type of actions speak very well of you as a person, surely those 3 angels, as well as those who are to come, and their family, feel very grateful and very proud to be taken into account. regards

good luck bro for finding Angels of Link777 and congratulations for
and @alphasteem i like your cook hehe :)

@snook does so much by giving such a huge platform for steemians to promote themselves with the shows she does on discord.

This is a really sweet video and I feel very strongly about always showing appreciation and that is something I always see you doing. It’s tefreshing and comforting to me to see this from someone wise so thank you.

Whatever you decide to do with this new account just know that you have my support and good wishes

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And it really liked your account, and of course it is exactly what you like and that's a lot better than us.

Welcome to the Year 2019 Steem BLOCKCHAIN.

Wish you good luck @nathanmars7 👍👍👍 success all the way. Warm greeting from @matthewthonyit


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i am the proud member of linkseven77.

Sorry... You not a member yet because you don’t currently have 100 SP

Good luck with getting 100 SP

i also flow you every time this site and i also check your video and resteem video. i also believe i have no enough steem power. but i also believe, i also try to work hard and Create to try different different videos. hopefully one day i cover this steem power (100 sp) .i also interest your new Project #znap and #znap+. i also try to more learning this. hopefully everybody cooperate me very positively. anyway @nathanmars thank you for your feedback.

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Be gone from whence you came with your Spam Sir! LOL