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Got acceptance letter from Wharton (University of Penn)

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I'm glad to hear you want to be an entrepreneur.
Good luck with your Visa.
My advice for you to create many Dtube video's as possible Youtube no no )

Be an entrepreneur – pursue your work in the spirit of love.
Embrace uncertainty and the unknown.
Think about what you want to learn, learn it in front of others.
Pay attention to what others are not sharing.
Look for voids that you can fill with your own efforts

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Thank you so much nathanmars. It means a lot to me.
Yes, I want to be an entrepreneur and pursue my dreams. In fact I believe I am already an entrepreneur and have started on working my dreams. Just have to a bit more focused and hardworking.
Yes, I love uncertainity and unknown. I think that is the one of the best and exciting things.

Thank you for the suggestion, I will be making videos on Dtube.

Have you made videos on dtube? If yes, how has been your experience?