TrashDo #13 Enjoying my side HUSTLE with @cleanplanet and I’m becoming ADDICTED to my daily habit

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#TrashDo #1 with Dtube and @cleanplanet
#TrashDo #2 with Twitter liveStreaming with @garyvee's TrashTalk
#TrashDo #3 with Twitter liveStreaming with @garyvee's TrashTalk
#TrashDo #4 with Twitter liveStreaming with @garyvee's TrashTalk
#TrashDo #5 with Twitter liveStreaming with @garyvee's TrashTalk
#TrashDo #6 with @garyvee's TrashTalk
#TrashDo #7 with @garyvee's TrashTalk
#TrashDo #8
#TrashDo #9
#TrashDo #10
#TrashDo #10
#TrashDo #11
#TrashDo #12
#TrashDo #13

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  • I would greatly appreciate your encouraging feedbacks in the comments section of my daily #TrashDo episodes here on Dtube with @cleanplanet. However please do not expect a response to your comments and I do read every single comments myself and truly appreciate any meaningful comments

  • This is my contribution to your planet Earth will continued every single day until I go back to my planet Mars and Also I go LIVE on Twitter to few times a day and do my #TrashDo to spread the message outside our Blockchain. You can do the same or encourage people who actually do it

Thank you !
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Hey Brother @nathanmars7. Good on you Brother for what you do every Day. I always pick up trash around my area and I never litter.

I believe as you do Brother in keeping Mother Earth Beautiful, Clean and Healthy for everyone on the Planet.

Keep inspiring all of us Brother with your amazing initiatives. May You and Your Family Always Live in the Abundance of Beauty, Happiness, Peace, and Love and Always Be surrounded by Blessings.

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I also want our earth to be clean and free of rubbish. Trash is indeed very disturbing. Moreover, plastic waste that cannot be broken down by soil microbes ..

we are love you to @nathanmars maintaining the cleanliness of the environment and its natural resources is an important component of good health

I'm cheerful surprise about your idea to our the steady intensity of life @Nathanmars . It's overpowering and moving. Really we should be watchful in our planet .

I almost jumped to 'how much you getting paid and how flexible are your working hours between the two jobs?'...ooops, it's here on steemit and not a kind of employment.

Keep doing the awesome task, the planet stands safe on your hands.

Unfortunately, whenever I clean up certain areas in the market, I return the second day. The place is filled with garbage once again. There are people who do not care about the cleanliness of the city.

we hope for every corner of the earth, to remain free with rubbish that increasingly makes the atmosphere worse,

let's save our earth for freedom from the rubbish pile

Today I took a tour near my home abroad but I saw the place clean. Thank God. I have wonderful neighbors

Haha one thing I saw in your #Cleanplanet activities today that I also saw in common with your Znap seven is that you love service to humanity in betterment to building a better tomorrow, sometimes the numbers is a reminder of who we are, certain goals, certain target and a certain level of development, another wonderful contribution to #cleanplanet, hahahaha I'm so glad you found it imperative to earn your love points, welcome to the premium club hahahaha

If every man cleaned up around his house, every city would be clean. Cleanliness is half rich. Some people have a clean job, despised by people whose task is filth.

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