TrashGame is my Pokémon Go, I’m gonna play this TrashGame every single day of 2019 because I love planet Earth

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NathanMars’s TrashGame League
TrashDo #1
TrashDo #2
TrashDo #3
TrashDo #4
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TrashDo #6
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TrashDo #8
TrashDo #9
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TrashDo #10
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TrashDo #16
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TrashDo #19
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TrashGame #22
TrashGame #23

  • I live in Twitter because I'm trying hard to bring huge value to our Blockchain from the world outside

  • Please do not expect a response to your comments and I do read every single comments myself and truly appreciate any valuable comments

  • I go LIVE on Twitter to few times a day and do my #TrashDo then I combined all my TrashDos and post in a single video here on Dtube to support @cleanplanet project

Thank you !
*Twitter nathanmars7 (No longer using Discord, Please kindly send all messages through Twitter DM)

My Passions explained in the video below...


I am a spiritual person @nathanmars and in the future when the Lord Jesus reigns in this world he will restore all things and will again drink a juice from grapes cultivated from a pristine earth. #trashdo

"But I say unto you, I will not drink henceforth of this fruit of the vine, until that day when I drink it new with you in my Father's kingdom." - Matthew 26:29

There are no grapes in heaven so the grape juice he will drink again will come from the clean earth.

This is the coolest thing I've seen on the Steemit blockchain hands down

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Well done my friend. Well done

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You are awesome bro. But please use some gloves in your hands take care of your hands. You are important for us !

I will do this also one day !

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I think Japan is relatively clean place so harder to find trash but good on you Nathan 👌🏻👌🏻👍🏻
We have cleanup day every year in Aus and we bring bags and gloves to clean up our parks, once we found a big helium balloon left around!

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Then every day will bless you for your action and Intention.

@nathanmars, Have a great time ahead and stay blessed.

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More Better Tomorrow ♩♬
@cleanplanet project
Planet ♥EARTH♥

Actually (from the title) this is a great idea to make a game similar to pokemon but for clean planet :)

I love it, going to have to also try using the tag #trashgame !

Thank you :)

Please note that I do not encourage anyone to use tag #trashgame, However please checkout @cleanplanet and find out how you can contribute towards cleaning our planet!

I already do clean planet, I won't use your tag then.

Pokemon GO, is an interesting game for now

That is really great by your side as what Pokemon go is for others TrashDo is for you.

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The idea of ​​heaven is quite fantasy. If there is a paradise, it is on the earth, but to see it, we have to have good eyes. Paradise on earth can happen only when the Earth is free of pollution. Therefore, let us all make the earth clean and green. Make your contribution to keep the earth clean every day, keep your surroundings neat and clean.

I only feel angry When I see people throwing away things we could use.

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People throw away more than a dozen cigarette pieces on the road. Those people should also understand their responsibilities and help keep Planet clean and your work is very much appreciated Thanks.

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I also love our planet earth. Because only the most beautiful and blue planet earth.
But I don't like playing games.

I'm happy to hear you love our planet earth:)

Did you watch at least few minutes of my video any of my 23 videos ?

nathanmars i was really inspired by ur act, and i also started this game in my city. lets see what change you will bought.. keeeeep going we are with u.. we love planet Earth

Pokemon go every day?!? lol, that's a grind Loki!

Did you watch the video ?

Somewhat lol. I stoped around when you said keep mother earth clean lol, i had the jist of whats going on from there

I get it thou. Your trying to clean up and make earth better, i wasnt referencing the actual game so to say. I know when people played pokemon go, it was nothing but a grind, just like how your everyday trash cleanup is going to be

I continue to play PokemonGo now since there are Battles and stuff, and also LEGENDARY POKEMON!

Did you watched the video ?

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