#TrashDo Number 6 : Lets get fitter by cleaning our planet, I Spend 17 minutes cleaning our planet today

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#TrashDo #1 with Dtube and @cleanplanet
#TrashDo #2 with Twitter liveStreaming with @garyvee's TrashTalk
#TrashDo #3 with Twitter liveStreaming with @garyvee's TrashTalk
#TrashDo #4 with Twitter liveStreaming with @garyvee's TrashTalk
#TrashDo #5 with Twitter liveStreaming with @garyvee's TrashTalk

#TrashDo #6 https://twitter.com/nathanmars7/status/1087990913463398400?s=21

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  • I would greatly appreciate your encouraging feedbacks in the comments section of my daily #TrashDo episodes here on Dtube with @cleanplanet. However please do not expect a response to your comments and I do read every single comments myself and truly appreciate any meaningful comments

  • This is my contribution to your planet Earth will continued every single day until I go back to my planet Mars and Also I go LIVE on Twitter to few times a day and do my #TrashDo to spread the message outside our Blockchain. You can do the same or encourage people who actually do it

Thank you !
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I hope you are doing well my friend. Building an empire for the people is not easy and neither is cleaning the whole planet. You are making great strides in each and I love hearing from you.

Keep it real brother!

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@nathanmars, Our actions hold the power to inspire and your intention and act towards mother nature and contribution towards @cleanplanet initiative is really motivating. Keep up and blessings of earth and light is with you. Stay blessed. 🙂

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Very cool. Thank you for helping to clean up our world!

I love the twitter news feed scroll at the beginning, it showed the fact that you're really utilizing twitter for the essence of the blockchain and I love the fact that you said it's important that people see how you're trying to keep everywhere clean, it'll raise a strong mental awareness in th mindset of people really, obviously well done @cleanplanet is a brilliant initiative.

Wow that is a good idea. Me also i had a similar plan but right now i am happy if i can keep clean our small farm. The locals always throw there all the trash.

I think the best solution will be a education. To teach the kids.

Because my experience shows me that the kids do what they parents do. In a young age if they get use to it than even when they grow up they will teach also they kids.

Step by step😉

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Wow, you are really committed to this
That's really great

So is there a spaceship parked somewhere ;p

The streets there are much cleaner than here. A significant number people here contribute a lot of essentials cleaning the shorelines that voyagers spurn extraordinarily messy particularly on long completes of the week. Ideally the activity transforms into a web sensation in any case it begins with us all.

I'm upbeat to see you sharing in this movement called cleanplanet. That is our moral commitment to have our effect to make it okay for our self and for better possible destiny of our children.

we require as a system start working hand by hand to decrease the defilement and should clean our planet earth. Else, I don't know whether our children will motivate the chance to live in perfect prosperity.

What's more we should held classes as for this issue of creating defilement and waste. We can careful our age by different techniques for consideration.

Appreciate your efforts for cleanplanet dear. It's one planet and we all should come together to make it clean.

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Yes ! Surely You are spreading valuable message among the people through your #trashDo campaign to cleanplanet on this blockchain, outside of this blockchain as well as on via Twitter account.sorry I could not contribute today in this great work, as I promised to make a video (one day left) on making cleanplanet due to my busy day. Yesterday I will do it.
Your live on Twitter innovation will change the people's thinking and people will inspired to contribute in making cleanplanet.
Thank you @nathanmars sir.

In my hometown there are groups of people who spending their weekend hiking and cleaning the jungles. At first they were a few but now there are different teams in every cities and getting more popular. I myself can't go with them but I do my part in our farms and whenever I go deep into the nature I do clean it as mush as I can. After all If we don't protect them, there might not be anything left for the next generations.

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Wao! Well done @nathanmars. I really appreciate your effort. Things been different from the last time i actively participated on the steemit blockchain....@cleanplanet initiative os freeking awesome. Thanks for appealing to the conscience and consciousness of mankind by assuming the role of a pace setter....thanks for the live stream which clearly shows how much you care and do the little you can for your immediate surrounding. I do hope others see it the way i see it. Changing the world for the better requires a collective effort....thanks for setting the example

Yeah really have to say that every initiative that is indeed taken to make a change in life and for the sake of us indeed great no matter how big or small that is. Will really have to say that those 17 minutes are worth it to make a change.

Yeah, a small initiative can make a lot of difference to someone else. Really appreciate your work for the Planet Earth.

Great view at the lake and great deed! I'm feeling motivated to pick up trash now, the only problem is everything is covered in a couple feet of snow, lol. Maybe in the spring... Cheers!

This is really very appreciable efforts with Cleanplanet. Hope your great action will encourage more and more peoples who love the beautiful planet.

I feel so happy to be a bit of an errand by a pioneer who is viably taking an interest in passing on a change to the system similarly as the Society to.

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Agree with that , everyone Must do this then we will keep our planet cleaned :)

@nathanmars, great job! Clean Planet is really very cool movement!

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From today I started my work. Now every day I will be working with this. This work really is a great job. Everyone needs this job.

I am very happy if the atmosphere is clean, especially our planet is free of rubbish

It's a great work sir. It's our duty and we have to work hard to clean our planet. Thank you, sir.

That's the right way which I've chosen too, because anyone of us just can to achieve a little contribution, which can to grow a lot when we start to give an example what's to do and start to set up a chain reaction. ;-)

Glad to see your participation in trashdo.
I Will be doing that in coming videos.

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