YouTube Banned My Channel Permanently! For being a Scam!!?

in dtube •  last month

Only AI Defense Project in existence, but I'm a scam!!!

PLEASE....gimme a break!

Youtube, or Google, just banned my Youtube account permanently and banned me from ever having another youtube account!!!!
Links above are alternates iof the rant above that I made about being banned before I found out why they banned me... I figured it was copyright shit...

Reason: They think my NanoCheeZe Project is a scam or deceptive business practice!!!

I have 3 problems with that!

  1. Google as an AI company just declared another AI startup, a potential competitor, a scam, and then removed their ability to have public discourse!

  2. No warnings, no discussion, no email, no phone call, no questions, nothing!!!!

  3. My company is a legally registered C-Corp in the state of Oregon and I'm straight forward and open about everything including progress and ideas and plans... I am never deceptive about anything regarding my ideas. Also the project is officially recognized as an AI startup by the NVIDIA Inception program...

So my point being is that it feels very wrong that they can just declare me a bogus company and ban me from their platforms!

These social media platforms needs to be regulated yesterday!!!!!! Seriously!!!!

I knew when they banned Alex Jones, I literally knew they would come for me too eventually.... Me and my 106 subscribers lol.... JUST WOW!!!!

I'm honestly blown away by this!!!!!

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It's a purge going on all round the damn planet. Good thing for BLOCKCHAIN TECH!


I'm just irate that they would dare label my project a scam with no discussion or emails!!! Smells slanderous imho..... especially as an AI company damaging an AI startup like mine... WTF!?!?!

I have had a lot of saved and liked videos taken down past years now. Mostly spiritual based and Occult.


I almost take what they have done to my website as slander.... Luckily I haven't updated it in a while so I'm hit with shame on that level first, lol

But if this isn't some form of slander when an AI company can do this to another AI startups website with NO WARNINGS! DAMN....... This is why they are going to get regulated.... Wait til something like this happens to a politician... hahahaha


Please let it happen to Politicians lol


and I have never gotten any warnings or strikes, so I can only assume by this line that they take my so called "scam" as "severe"
I just can't get where they are coming from, I tried to do a kickstarter campaign years back, but that was unsuccessful... No one donates to the patreon... I've never made a penny, I've probably spent several grand though lol, On electricity and website costs and shit... hahaha It's kind of my hobby...


Think they are coming from some Idiocracy. Their heads way up their asses hahah.

Do you plan to appeal the suspension? It does offer that as an option.