Snowmageddon // Skiing & Snowboarding // #RongeTonOs S2E2

in #dtubelast year (edited)

Snow storm means bad day & terrible traffic for you?
Well, let me show you what it means to us!

Welcome back in the second episode of my winter webserie, #RongeTonOs!

5 days of heavy snow fall last week brought us to one of the best day skiing this season so far!
Almost 2 meters of snow in only 5 days is unreal & the snow was light & dry such a beauty...

1 year on @steemit already!
I didn't see that coming, too busy working & skiing sorry!

It's incredible, only one year & I learned so much from you guys!
People who helped me struggling with this platform at the begining to all the lovely communities I found traveling in this new life ^^

Thanks for all your upvotes & resteems, you have been so good to me!
I really hope that you will enjoy this short film, have fun watching it!

Have a great day!

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Beautiful video. I have never done snow skiing before , looks like lots of fun and adventurous. you guys are enjoying. congrats for your 1 year journey on steem block-chain. Ya, this plat-form is all about people, their support and encouraging each-other.

Merci beaucoup !
I really appreciate 🙌 it's a lot of fun, my best passion even more than editing videos ^^
When you are lost in the wild you really feel alive !
Thanks again for your nice comment!
Have a great day 👌

Happy Steemiversary!! My goodness watching you makes me want to snowboard soooo bad 💯 I've only tried it once so far and it didn't go fabulously 😂 but I do love winter activities and feeling much more up to the challenge of learning the art these days 💪 Thank you for sharing & inspiring me 🙏 much love 💖🙌💖

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Hey ! How's going ? Thanks a lot!
So happy to see that what we love inspired you 🙏 Such a motivating comment, merci beaucoup ❤️ Snowing this weekend we will film more soon with the big cameras this time !
Stay tuned !
Will you snowboard this winter ? 🏂
Have a lovely day 👌

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ha! howdy there mylifeisnotbad! That looks like perfect snow conditions right there, the video is awesome with so many great shots, well done! Where was that at? Love the username too, bytheway!

It was perfect @janton ! Conditions changed it's very warm those days !
I'm in Morzine french Alps. Did you ski this winter ? :)
Thanks for the username, it's really not bad here ^^
Thanks, have a great day 👌

haha! Howdy sir mylifeisnotbad! No sir I didn't ski, in fact I have never put one a pair of skis
but I admire those who do! Thanks for the great post!

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