Let's Talk About YEE Token

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$YEE Token will be widely used in the future. YeeCall, the company behind the release will roll out their decentralised blockchain, cloud based ecosystem and I guarantee most of their users won't even know about the technology behind it.

YeeCall plans to release YeeChain, which will be capable of handling money transfer, storage and social interaction. Other products in their service will utilise $YEE Tokens in everyday micro transactions. You will see the following develop:

YeeStore: A dapp store where people can exchange their $YEE tokens for things of value.

YeeWallet: A place where people can hold their $YEE Tokens.

YeeCall: An Video Caller that's country unblocked with no restrictions.

YeeNet: Supports cloud base communication.

For more information on $YEE visit their website

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Here are some exchanges I recommend:

CoinSpot - For Australians





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thanks for the info... i would like to recommend this exchange to you as well. earn passive income in all altcoins available from their site...sign up for free and buy kucoins from there to be eligible for daily bonus... this is the best exchange for this year.

register here https://www.kucoin.com/#/?r=E3wWag

Thanks for your suggestion. I already have an account with them.

Thanks for your post. I think YEE is a great token also.

What do you think about QUN (QunQun)? It seems like it will be the Chinese version of STEEM. STEEM is used mostly by English users, but I don't see much Chinese posts. If QUN has the potential to absorb Chinese users, then I'm willing to bet on the bullish side of QUN.

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