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Over my time on Steemit.com I have interacted with a range of people talking about different subjects. It's been a great journey. Being able to upvote their content, which provides them some financial reward has always been something I align with as a creator. I personally see STEEM as something I will invest my time and money into. In this video I talk about Steemit and how it works and why I believe it will be much bigger in the future than it already is.

If you are interested in joining Steemit I recommend you read the following blog first to fully understand how it works:

Are you an Australian?
If you would like to buy STEEM and improve your trading portfolio I would recommend going with CoinSpot:

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Do you find Steem is worth investing USD into, or should people just be as active as possible to earn their own Steem and let it increase their steempower on its own?

Good question @snrm. I think of you are starting off its a good idea to create content to earn Steem first. If you are in a position to invest though I would recommend obtaining some STEEM as it will help your account grow.

Yeah to me it seems like a snowball effect once you start earning it. It is really tough to make your own posts as a new user and have them gain traction. I have been enjoying reading everyone else's content and commenting what I think though!

Well it seems you have worked out a good solution. I would highly recommend commenting on lots of posts as this will generate a lot of STEEM. Keep up the great work and you will go far!

steemit and crypto currently have all of my time!

For sure! Put in the hard work now and then real the rewards later!

Thanks for sharing this info. I've joined steemit and will be publishing my content on this great platform.

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