How To Buy Bitcoin and Alt Coins in Australia Using CoinSpot

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Have you heard about investing in cryptocurrencies from one of your friends, coworkers or family before? I first heard about Bitcoin back in 2014 and immediately started my journey of investment. It was hard back then to do it, but now
times have changed and it's much easier to use your Australian Currency (AUD) to buy Bitcoin and other alt coins.

In this video I'll walk you through how to use CoinSpot to buy and sell Bitcoin and other alt currencies like Ethereum, Tron and Ripple with your Australian bank account. It's an easy process and one that could be quite profitable as we see a disruption as the Internet 4.0 builds itself. Industry will change over 2018 and I personally think it is a great time to invest this year.

Start by signing up for a free CoinSpot account:

If you have any questions just drop a comment below.

Sign Up For a CoinSpot Account:

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hello, what about us who live in indonesia? what is the same way?

You won't be able to use CoinSpot from Indonesia @zakariya. You will have to use something else.

is there any solution from you @myday

I would recommend Coinbase for you

Thank you for your attention@myday

No problem.

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Coinspot is so easy to use. The fees are terrible though.

If you click into any of the currencies in your wallet (right after the trade) and go back into wallets the updated version wallet will be active (no need to wait 5-10 mins)

I love that it is so easy to use.

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