Loreal BB Cream C'est Magic Review + Demonstration On How To Use It | Phantasmagorical

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Today, I’m reviewing the BB Cream C’est Magic from Loreal. You will learn how to create a flawless finish with this cream, along with many tips and tricks to properly apply this product. If you’re looking for a new BB cream, discover if this is the right product for you!


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I loooooovvvvvveeeeee you hair
Ok, makes me want to go get haircut...hahaha
I would love to colour my hair like that... but I wouldn't look as good as you hahaha
I really really like it :)

I remember we had this long discussion and you were concerned you wouldn't look good in short hair....
You carry it well ;D

Thank you 😘Go and get one maybe with the same hair dye color? 😅Have you ever dyed your hair? Like a different color from what you have now?

Yep, I can remember that one for sure and see, I did it haha 😂

When I was younger, yes I have coloured my hair
A couple of years ago, I decided I wanted to go through the chakra colours too, started and ended with red... hahaha

Right now though, am just leaving it as is... grey's and all

But you rock it girl
It's fresh and has attitude ;D

Really?😊 And for how long have you had the red hairs? Was it like red, red or dark red? 😊 I used to have my hair dark red when I changed my blue hair because I wanted to go back to my natural colour, but it was a bit tricky 😉

I like your current hairstyle a lot!😊

Thank you! 😘

Screenshot 2019-09-11 at 12.53.02 AM.png

It was supposed to be highlights
But she didn't do a very good job
I didn't want it in chunks like this...
And I wanted it to be deep red...
Maybe I will give it another go when Steem moons :D

But the blue looks really good on you
And thank you <33

Wow wow, New hairstyle love it.. Reminds me kind of Ellen look... She has this kind of hairstyle...

  ·  11 days ago (edited)

@priyanarc Thank you! 😊 yeah it's similar and her front part is a bit longer from what I can remember? 😅

Ya little bit.. But you are looking great...

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I see the gray hair is getting more popular even herein chicago i see 20 year olds getting their hair dyed gray.

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Yeah, I saw this too! I'm not yet in the gray hair mood as I love blue too much! 😅

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