What Is Share2steem And How You Can Use It

in dtube •  22 days ago

In today's video, I would love to talk about what Share2Steem is and how to use Share2steem.

Here is @clixmoney Dtube Channel: https://d.tube/#!/c/clixmoney
Here is Share2steem Steemit account: https://steemit.com/@share2steem
Share2steem website: https://share2steem.io/
Reflink Share2Steem: https://share2steem.io/?ref=mvd

Please use my Reflink Thank You :)

I also use the OneLoveDTube Uploader for the first time and we will see how it goes :)

Thank you,

xoxo, Melissa

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You are really going to love the uploader, I have been a subscriber for 4 months and It's really great. Makes life so much easier! enjoy


@vladivostok for the moment it works great and I can't say anything against it :)


This share2steem looks really great, you explained it perfectly and I really like this innovation ... i want to learn more about it for sure... thank you for posting such a great detailed tutorial/review


FYI I linked your 2 month old review video on the uploader that you made to her



Pretty cool, thank you :)

I have to give it a try, thanks!

Hello @mvd !
We are @cleanplanet, may be you have already ear of us...
I find you're great on this presentation for share2steem... our partner.

Could you do the same for @cleanplanet ? ... more visibility for us could be great ?
We are there to reward good steemians who take time to clean and limit pollution on our only one planet.
Cleanplanet begin to be known... and we grow continually
Thanks you so much, if you want to contact us, it's ok for us !
see you


@cleanplanet Thank you for your feedback :) Do you have a Discord Server or a Website where I can have a look about your project and what you are doing? That would be great :)

Thank you


Been trying out share2steem recently for a few of my instragram posts... super easy to use..

Hello Melissa van Dijk,
Thank you very much for your tip whit share2steem, i have now installed it too and will follow you for shure!
This Video of you was very nice made and now i will post moore again on steem and Instagram, because of your tip, thanks a ot :-)


@unique.esprit Kein Problem :) Ich hoffe dass es dir genau so gefällt wie mir, da ich es einfacher finde meine Fotos zu teilen :)


Wow cool du sprichst Deutsch, woher bist du denn? Wohnst du zur Zeit in Austalien? Dein Video hat mir wirklich geholfen!
Im Video fragtest du was das mit der Delegation soll, dann delegierst du deine SP an s2s wenn du zusagst, ist wie bei anderen upvotern. Wenn du mehr fragen dazu hast kann ich dir vielleicht helfen :-)


@unique.esprit ja, ich bin aus Luxemburg aber lebe zur Zeit in Austalien :)
Danke für dein Feedback :)

Mit der Delegation, heißt das dann dass ich die so gesehn unterstützen kann wenn die anderen Content upvoten? Weil, ich habs gerade eben gemacht aber ich weiß trotzdem nicht was das jetzt heißt


Mit der Delegation gibst du deine SP dem S2S zur Verfügung, hast sie aber dann für dich selber nicht mehr zur Verfügung. S2S macht dann seine upvotes mit deinen SP und gibt dir dafür ca 80% zurück auf deine SP. Sei einfach vorsichtig, so viel ich weiss dauert es 1 Woche wenn man die Delegation wieder auflösen will.

Very helpful info. Thanks a lot

hello blondy

@mvd I have a question, is there a service for automatically sharing your posts on the Steem blockchain to MS social media such as Twitter/Facebook/Instagram/etc?

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@d00k13 hmm.. not that I am aware of an app that would do that... I just know share2steem where you just need to add it as a tag :)

but you can have a look at this website: https://www.stateofthedapps.com
there you will find lots of apps and how active they are, I had a look at it myself and this is where I discovered most of them so far :)