How To Apply Powder Foundation

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If your foundation isn’t making it through the day, add powder foundation to your makeup routine.

Powder foundation is similar to liquid foundation, but it is designed to create a long lasting matte look that will even out your skin tone, hide imperfections, and eliminate oily complexions.

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Even as I have kinda given up makeup, my daughter is picking up
She does perform on stage, cheer, choir and I am sharing this with her so she can up her game (mummy taught her just the basics 😅)


@kaerpediem haha😂 well never stop learning! Especially if you're performing on stage 😊 and having an idea of the basic makeup uses is already am an amazing start because then it's just about playing around with various products 😃😍

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Yes, and practice makes perfect :)

Very helpful video! I fact, I bought a powder foundation some months ago and I never used it... maybe because I was not sure of how to apply it. So, your video really helped me! ;)


Thank you 😊 which one did you get? And what's your skin type? 😊

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