Gifted 1000SP Delegation by nathanmars | Znap7 journey | TweetIt

in dtube •  18 days ago

For the support by all, 1000SP delegation

So far so good. It has been a good ride and can't wait for the future with the awesome community.

So apparently, after getting twitter log in on, did accept a redirect and after the watch did an upvote and comment.
I was shocked to see the payout increase, on a close look the SP had drastically increased.

▶️ DTube

With lots of thanks to @nathanmars for the gift and I promise to utilize it for a better community.
To all other fellow recipients, we are now armed to the fullest and it's time we storm the bars.

With thanks

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Congrats. I love how @nathanmars empowers creatives with delegation. You deserve this and more.


With thanks, he is such an awesome guy, creating projects and powering up little ninjas.
Working out on my best.