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Gone are the days when it was i can sing but i dont have sponsors,i write but no finance to promote my work,am a poet but i have no motivations,am a dancer but no sponsors. Whatever talent you have steemit is there for you. Steemit is not just a cryptocurrency blockchain where you just trade but it is exceptional as it makes people come up with ideas and make earnings from there works.
I never knew i could write or be serious with online businesses or crytocurrency untill i was introduced to steemit. It has been a great platform and opportunity to develop my mind and skills and still make profit from it. I think steemit is a gift to mankind,a redemption of the mind,overpowering your fears,bringing out the inner you in you.i think the write promotion of steemit to the world would give people who have a different ideology about crypto the right mentality of crytocurrency.it will help portray and make the youth see how they can make profit and develop their various business unlike spending so much of time on some social cites where you end up getting likes instead of upvotes that will give you income

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