Why I'm Using AirBnB To Book My Accommodations While Traveling Abroad In SE Asia

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http://www.softwarexchange.net/yt - Why I'm Using AirBnB To Book My Accommodations While Traveling Abroad In SE Asia
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I recently used ABnB to book Acapulco penthouse on 30th floor in the La Papala building on the main bay area near Costa Azul.
There are actually several of these condos available, so they are competitive, and on the off season, about $33 a night. It's a great deal for such a nice view.

That said, there are also scams on ABnB, like the monthly rent deal, that is strict cancelation oriented, and they advertise in one area, then after renting, send you the real address, in a different area (not beach front, not in the same area). In order to cancel without being charged, I had to contact ABnB directly, and had to get second level FRAUD support; the first guy that answered the phone could not help me and told me I'd be charged if I canceled the reservation.
I also had to look up ABnB customer service number on Goog, because I could not find it on their site!

That aside, I do like ABnB. Just watch your step...

These videos have learned a lot. Keep giving such information even further.
software! video slow

I'm glad that you are able to learn something from them.

Their services are really very good.

Yes I really like AirBnB.

I'm using booking dot com because I do not need to put a card on file, or pre-pay, or hold the room in any way except to make the reservation.

Traveling in se asia means my plans change fast and I might not actually stay in the place I booked once I see it. I'm traveling on the very low end of the scale - under $10 a night. I want a reservation for the first night, but I don't want to pay for my possible changes. I wonder if I will change if I can afford more - I think I will still be cautious.

I may use booking.com at some point in the future but AirBnB has worked out well thus far. However, I do agree with you about having your credit card information on file not being a good thing. Again I will have to check out booking.com to see what other advantages it may have over using AirBnB.

very nice

Nice man. Very easy place to live and so many options around you for food and things to do. I lived in CM several times over the last 3 years, really enjoyed it. Fortunately I missed all of the smokey seasons! Keep up the good work man 👌🏼

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