Got a brand new toy a Canon Rebel T5 now it's time to step my game up here on Dtube!!!!!

in #dtube4 years ago (edited)

From now on all of my edited vlogs will be published on Dtube. I am still anxiously waiting for Dlive to be implemented to finally break free from Centralized media Platforms

▶️ DTube

I hope you all enjoy this video!!!!!

Until the next post


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Congratulation, @mrviquez, your new toy is a great toy will help you a lot even in doing music videos. Slowly get a few good lens and it will make a big difference from before vlog, anyway even with the 18-55mm lens you are able to do great. Keep on doing and Rock on.

Good stuff I have abandoned my youtube channel after they demonitized it so I like to hear successful dtube stories

hey congrats on the new camera. up that video quality! :) i'd recommend a nice 50mm or 35mm for that rebel to really get that creamy background bokeh vlogger styli! :)

I can not register on dtube.
Is not it registered with the same id as steemit?
I am uncomfortable.

yo congratz on the new cam ! WU-TANG lol :D

I cannot usually watch dtube I guess I won't being listening to your future unfolding..I can understand that you are more likely to make that $ following the steem you go get yours brother...stay in the bless...uma*

We have the T6. We havent used it for video yet because we have vid cams, but it looks good homie. Congrats!

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