Call of Duty Mobile - Game play Killhouse MVP

in #dtube2 years ago

I dominated this map even though the controls on mobile are very fiddly. I might get myself a mobile gaming controller and see how it is.

This was my favourite map on Call of Duty 4: Modern Warfare PC version. I treated myself to this game for Christmas back in 2007, in fact it was the last game I ever bought for PC before I switched to a laptop. I might treat myself this Christmas to a new gaming setup because playing this map again on the mobile version reminded me of how much I miss it.

If you want to try and beat the master, me :) or join me on my team download the game from Google using the link below. My username is MrFringe.

▶️ DTube
▶️ YouTube

Upvoted, sorry no time to read... must get back to playing COD Mobile myself.

Hands down the BEST FPS ever created for a mobile device!!!

Thanks for the upvote, and I agree easily the best mobile shooter it's my favourite already, was pubg until yesterday.

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