What On Earth Is Happening - Episode #197

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What On Earth Is Happening - Episode #197

Date: 2019-01-20

Topics: New What On Earth Is Happening live streaming video show, Where is Humanity at in Consciousness, the inability of most human being to distinguish reality from illusion, the intact power of Social Engineering/Mind Control/Media Propaganda, knowing your Self and knowing your Enemy, the Occult as deep ancient psychological knowledge, the Five Steps of Occult Initiation, Polarization Dialectics, Political Polarization and how bad it has gotten, the REAL "Political Spectrum" as a function of Human Consciousness, the belief in False Axioms, the false Axiom of the Belief in "Authority," Government is Slavery, Keyboard Warriors on Facebook, Mark's personal bitterness about the Human Condition, what it means to be in True Relationship with another.

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Woh the Mark Passio is on Steem! I just spent the last few days getting aquatinted with your work brother, the “demystifying the occult” videos and some other, tomorrow I’ll finish off the natural law presentation vids. Then I guess I’ve gotta go all in and get a gun and learn how to use it ;)

Seriously I Probably can’t do that here in the uk though...
Anyway thanks for what you do man.

There was great points made in this episode not specifically mentioned in the topics which was to get out of the internet ghettos, lessen your reliance on platforms like YouTube to host your content. Learn CMS tools to be able to host and promote your own content and use these other platforms as a vector, not the only place to do this. Also the importance of getting out and doing the great work in the real world.

Awesome episode! 👍

I wish I wasn't a broke fucker so I could donate more than just a penny vote.

@hippie-witha-gun - you don't need money to donate. You use your time first by learning & understanding (THIS IS KEY), then by passing the info around to others.

Hope you are well.

Yeah ! Resteemed as well !

Please provide a Discord link?

@jasoncarsell - He doesn't seem to have a Discord server anywhere that I've found, unfortunately. I think he only uses it for call-ins on his show.

If you figure it out, please LMK.


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