DIY Mushroom Logs: Shiitake & Nameko (Video!)

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Last week we plugged logs with mushroom spawn at Mountain Jewel.

Our friend Michelle came over to help and we made a day of it. Ini made a fantastic intro write up to the process of plugging mushroom logs (and selecting logs, etc)- it’s really a great article! Give it a read!

Eating the Forest: An Intro to Mushroom Log Cultivation

In this video, I compiled footage from the day including a step by step process from cut log, to plugging, waxing and stacking.

If you watch closely, you’ll see Ini’s newfound multilayered technique for lifting the heavy logs up to the platform.

We hope you enjoy and that it brings you a step closer into plugging your own logs, should you so desire.

Check out these other Mushroom articles we wrote last year. With all of this info, you’ll be off to a good start!!

From Forest To Fungi: Growing Shiitake Mushrooms

How To Grow Shitake Mushrooms At Home: Turning Wood Into Protein | Plugging Logs For Mushroom Production

Our Mushroom Trip: Eating & Building Soil Locally from Mushroom Mountain


Choice Shiitakes from our first year of plugging

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You've been visited by @riverflows from Homesteaders Co-op.

I'm not sure there's mush-more-room on Steemit for mushrooms, but hey, Ini looks like a fun-guy, so resteeming... he he... seriously inspiring guys, well done!

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🙌🏼🥰😂 well played @riverflows 🌿🍄

I've done the mushroom kit before, but always wanted to try and do some logs like this. We have SO many log piles round here as each winter we lose more trees and have to cut them up. Great video @mountainjewel


Yes!! Perfect use for such logs! We thin our understory to get ours which helps make the canopy healthier as well. Thanks 🌾🌾

Nice video explained same as well I plan on using wooden dowel plugs from The Source I've got might be a little easier than the sawdust. But they sure look like a good thing to do. I'd like to see the mushrooms in a Year's I'll post them on here!

Thanks for the video!



Cool!! Yeah can’t wait to see you mushrooms in a year! We’ll be sure to post ours too 💓


I look forward to it! Lots of oak on the land we bought, so I should be fine, LOL! I have a crawl space that I may use to store some logs in the dark, is a semi temperature controlled space. Should be interesting, to compare with logs stored outside....

Be Blessed!


Totally bookmarking these posts! We are hoping to start a bit of a mushroom forest on a property in Estacada, OR when we move back! These articles are great information to have in the blockchain.
Cheers to homesteading tips!


Awesome to hear of your vision!!! I hear the PNW is just full of mushrooms and mushroom lovers! What a great place to ground such a dream! Glad to be of help! Cheers 🌿💚

Very different process than how one grows the type of mushrooms that we used to grow :P



Here in El Salvador never seen this kind of mushroom i would like to have but it is to dificult, thank you so much for teach this great source.


You are so welcome. I’m sure you have your own host of interesting mushrooms there 🌟

Thanks for sharing your creative and inspirational video!

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I want to see the growing of this shrooms soon. How many days takes to them to be ready to be eaten?