Straw Bale House Begins! Felling the Big Tree

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We are making huge strides at Mountain Jewel. A lot has gone into this step. We have the excavator here now to begin the process of our straw bale house.

First we must tell this big tree and then level the pad. We have no level ground so it’s a feat! This space has long called to us and though we don’t love to drastically change the landscape in this way, this is our chosen location.

Pretty overwhelming, to be honest, but it has begun. Watch our first steps here.

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What a moment! I can imagine how painful it must be to have to cut down a big beautiful tree... I've seen in myself, at my friends' project on Vancouver Island several of them had to come down to make space for the house, plus the large trunks will serve as the vigas (roof beams). Still, I couldn't help feeling the pain, but also the responsibility (though I won't be living in that house). Being present for such an intensive moment, and feeling the pain and the loss of the tree as well as all the life in and around it, makes one feel like they MUST create something at least as wonderful, where even more life can flourish.
Similarly, my friends in Mazunte who are building the theater have to cut down a huge tree, standing right in the middle of the property where the theater is going to be. However, they have placed the time for felling it at the very end. So while bureaucracy is puttering away slowly, getting all the necessary paperwork ready, the tree has a few more months (years?) to live.


It's tough for sure! We have to make choices and choosing death is NEVER easy.

"makes one feel like they MUST create something at least as wonderful, where even more life can flourish." - I really resonate with this. This is how we can make choices to affect our landscape, knowing that we are shaping the space to the best our our abilities and honoring life as much as possible. And the hope is that the tree will become a centerpiece table in our home so that we may honor and let it live on.

That's cool that a theater is being built in Mazunte. I spent a few months there 7 years ago and it was just starting to grow. What a beautiful place.

I can so relate to the sadness of loosing a tree. We will, in the end, lose all the big trees in the yard. But we are also moving forward, finally!, in our plans for building. It is amazing how a machine can so change an area in such a short period of time.

I was taking before photos yesterday of the house, before it and the gardens are changed.


Moving forward sometimes means setting some things back. But I'm always amazed at how resilient natural systems are and how quickly the Earth bounces back from disturbance. Congrats on moving ahead.

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That was amazing! Thank you so much for recording it for us!
good luck, it's a very exciting project and I look forward to watching it unfold


Thanks, we're happy to share and document it. As much for others as for us to look back on. Cheers

#Wow . good luck . @mountainjewel


Thanks. Full steem ahead.

Woohoo, so much work accomplished in such a short time. (Can you imagine trying to take that tree down yourself?) So excited for you two, really a beautiful sport for your new home :) Looking forward to watching the progress unfold oxox love you!


I know, things have been moving at hyper speed. Felling the tree wouldn't be a big deal, but dealing with the stump and moving it all... forget about it. Thanks for the support and look forward to next steps.

Safety first. Done


My sister always tell her daughter, safety first AND second. Fun third.


My sister always
Tell her daughter, safety first
AND second. Fun third.

                 - mountainjewel

I'm a bot. I detect haiku.

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A lot of thought went into it, we can tell! It's exciting to see so much going on with you guys! What is the big tree going to be doing now?

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SOO many brain hours. Yes, lots of thought went into this. The tree will most likely be slabbed out in place to become a table, counter of desk. Something big and epic to honor the tree.

loving watching the progress on instagram!!


yay, glad you're there with us.

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