Planting Ginkgo, the tree of Immortality, in our Food Forest

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Out of all of the plants in the world, we are currently selecting which ones will be chosen to be a part of our permaculture homestead. There are some trees that we cannot do without, one of these is Gingko, the tree of immortality.

Gingko is well renown as a brain tonic which acts by increasing blood flow to the brain enhancing cognition, memory and overall function. People of all ages use it to keep their minds sharp, although increasingly it is becoming known as a medicine to benefit the elderly.

This year we got 10 ginkgo trees which we’re planting to fulfill our tree grant (as well as our own fancy.) We are so excited to have this tree on our land- in fact, it fulfills something for us!!

In addition to its medicinal leaves, we are interested in the delicious nut that comes after the fruiting of female trees. Gingkos are diocious meaning they are either male or female. Obviously only females bare fruit, but they have a strange ability to be able to change their sex(!).

I, Wren, have had the opportunity to harvest and try this nut and it is worth waiting for! I harvested it from some landscaping trees on my college campus and roasted it in an oven. Delicious & nutritious!

The nut is highly prized in Asia due to its delicate and delicious flavor. The fruits on the other hand are avoided like the plague by most urban landscape architects in North America. They have a very strong sour smell, akin to vomit. Good thing that stage is short lived.

Planting for future generations and hoping we get to reap some of the harvest! Stoked to have some ginkgo trees on our land!

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If you’re able to grow some Brahmi, then do! I think it’s Bacopa

Brahmi & Gingko are always prescribed together for brain medicine in Ayurveda.

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Yesss! I’m very attracted to Bacopa and bought some to grow a couple years ago but lost it over our cold winter. I want to grow some again soon! Love that plant 💚🌿

Cool! I thought that the tree of immortality is moringa?


Probably called that too!!! ;) I think there are likely many world round.


The more that's confusing lols...fascinating and beneficial as they are☺

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hahah i agree! true indeed :)



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I'm gonna need y'all to stop every post about plants. K? Cause every time you mention something, it becomes evident that I need it really bad, and Melissa says my shopping list is out of hand. I'll let you know when to resume.

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heheh okay, hopefully that 5 days was enough of a break for you @nateonsteemit ;)

I had read that female gingko fruit was really nasty smelling....was wondering when I saw the title...


heheh yes! it is! but worth it xo

feelin' ya on this one!!!!!!!! i see the joy in your eyes...too!!! our little tree is about 11 years old and still soooooo small. like you said..maybe one day...others will enjoy its shade and medicine. :) thanks you this!!!!


oh wow thanks for letting us know even after 11 years it is still so small! maybe wont put it in the prominent place we thought we were going to!! definitely still will plant it though <3 <3

Gingko is incredible. I used it with considerable success the last weeks to help a friend with chronic tinitus. That it's beautiful & has yummy nuts too?? 💜🌱

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How exciting! Sadly, the link is coming up as broken for me? Have you had others report this? Hmm.. I usually can see them!


oh i haven't on this one! toooo baaaaad! xo

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Hey, @mountainjewel.

Well, just learned a lot here. I've heard of Ginkgo, and some of its properties. I just always thought it was more of a bush or something, rather than a tree. Then, I had no idea that it actually had fruit—I could see the possibility of flowers—and now you're saying there are some good tasting nuts, too!

I guess I better brush up on my Ginkgo knowledge. :) Because you can't have enough brain tonic.

What specifically does it help with in the elderly? I would guess it prevents or pushes back things like dementia and Alzheimers?


Glad we can share some useful info :) Yes, it pushes back things like dementia and Alzheimers as it increases blood flow to the brain. Useful to take, I suspect, throughout the life, but certainly helpful for the elderly as they face a lot of memory issues.

I used to drink he roots in tea. But I can not found it anymore, all was imported. It would be great if we had the seeds, but it is really difficult.
I studied traditional chinese medicine en Neijing Venezuela.
Thanks for the article.


Oh wow. Perhaps at some point you'll be able to find some. Sorry to hear it's proving so difficult now. Best wishes and cool you studied TCM!

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