PARTIKO LOTTERY - EP.4 (10 Steem prizes)

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Hello lovely readers!
Third Partiko Lottery week is over and the main theme was:

Here we have the table with all the tickets for each partecipants:
For the complete table, please take a look to the video

You can watch the video above and discover that the winning tickets are 4265, 4946 and 2078.

So the winners are:

@charleswealth - 5 steem

@paololuffy91 - 3 steem

@mango-juice - 2 steem

Thank you to all the partecipants: @d00k13, @fararizky, @olivia08; and also to the previous partecipants: @mad-runner, @botefarm, @ilnegro, @majorblaze, @dearw, @scarlatta.singer and @rosatravels.
winner ep.1.jpg




I hope you enjoy this theme and you will write a lot of contents about it.
I am very curious to read them.
So let's start to write! You have a week to think and made what you feel and have in your mind about this theme. Write whatever you prefer and you like.

DEADLINE: Sunday, 10th February 14:00 (GMT+1)

Here you have all the RULES:


and if you want to understand better how Partiko Lottery works, please take a look to this presentation video or read the following system:

  1. Write your opinion about the main theme with a post (10 tickets) or with a comment (5 tickets) here below.
  2. Resteem this post for a multiplier factor x4
  3. Spread you entry and take upvotes: each upvote is a factor X (MAX 5)
  4. Long content are usually appreciate with a lot of words:
    WORDS<150 multiplier factor x1.0
    150<WORDS<250 multiplier factor x1.5
    WORDS>250 multiplier factor x2.0
  5. Images are very important to show your thoughts:
    NO IMAGE multiplier factor x1.0
    1 IMAGE multiplier factor x1.5
    +1 IMAGE multiplier factor x2.0

So let's start to write
and decide how to increase your tickets to have more possibilities to win!


The winners will be annunced next Monday with the forth episode in a video and there you will be able to know the next main theme.

For sure, if you like the idea to partecipate to Partiko Lottery
you have to use Partiko app.
So start with the download it on your mobile from the following links:

Download Partiko Android here

Download Partiko iOS here

And if you do not want to lose any Partiko Lottery episode,
start to follow me just pushing on this botton

Do not forget to take a look at all Partiko pages:
Partiko website:

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Hi for all, this is my entry for this week. Good Luck for everyone

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Thank you Paolo for you entry!!!
I am very happy to read your opinion about "pizza"!!!

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Your welcome bro 🤙

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Grazie mille Paw!!!
Adesso incrocia le dita per l'estrazione di domani 😉👍

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Am so happy to be a winner of this contest, thank you so very much. God bless you. @monica90 and the partiko team

I am really happy for you man!!!
Remember that I am a man and my username is @moncia90😉👍

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Congrats buddy, hope to see you competing again 💪

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Congratulations to all winners.

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Thank you very much!!!
Remember that you can partecipate when you want: it is very Easy!!!
Read the rules and try to discover how.
I wait for your entry😉👍

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Thank you very much for the award, I will try to commit myself more in the next dates of the contest. Congratulations to all the participants. Hurray Partiko

Congratulations to you and good luck for the next episodes!😉👍

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