JIM FETZER - The Raw Deal 06/19 - Jim discusses his loss in Dane County Circuit Court

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This is a must-see video. Americans need to really understand that enemies have taken over the country and they are trying to lead us into a NWO. The deception is happening due to massive censorship. In this video, Dr. Fetzer discusses the tyrannical court system which seems to have been stocked with corrupt judges. Our government is working with the internet giants and are rolling in our enslavement. Do not think for one second they are not the problem.

I have spent 5 years researching Sandy Hook. The last two years I have had the pleasure of working with Dr. Fetzer on Sandy Hook and a few other recent mass shootings. So after 5 years of research, I have determined there is no way that this shooting was real. It was 100% a government capstone event. If Americans would just look at the evidence they would see for themselves and quit parroting MSM or Lenny Pozners propaganda that the parents are being harassed. It is, in fact, the opposite. It is traitor Lenny Pozner who stalks and harasses people just looking for the truth. He bragged on an interview how he alone has taken down over 10,000 videos exposing the truth. He is a supporter of censorship.

Now because our government, MSM, and some corrupt social media a majority of people have been brainwashed and left ignorant so the government can rule and enslave the people with fake news propaganda while keeping the truth suppressed.
Sometime in the near future, the government will try to confiscate all of our weapons which will leave us completely helpless to protect ourselves. After the government disarms its people genocide follows.

What is hate speech? To our government hate speech is telling the truth. Actually, Hate-speech = Gun control.

It is time for Americans to quit fighting with each other and come together, learn the truth and then put their ideas together to get rid of the cancer in America. Let's wake everyone up before the court case ends. The court case is a complete sham. Justice has left the building. The corrupt judge will not allow Dr. Fetzer to present evidence into the lawsuit that not only proves his innocence but also that the shooting was a drill. It is unbelievable.

Time is running out Americans! Genocide or smart cities with massive starvation planned. They hate us and want to get rid of us. REALLY!

Please pass this video around, download, and repost. Visit jamesfetzer.org for a wealth of information.


More Sandy Hook shooting evidence given to the President:


Visit Gus Chambers at 153news.net who is the creator of the video

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