What is the best guitar for a beginner?

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The first question to ask yourself is what sound are you trying to recreate. What guitar does the artist play that you would like your guitar to sound like? This is where your motivation comes from so if you want to know what is the best guitar for a beginner it greatly depends on what you yourself want to learn.

You will never get the sound you want unless you have the right guitar but in the meantime you can still practice with whatever guitar you have.

Also there is the option of using software emulation tools like Cakewalk to get the sound that you want but it will not have the same sound as a real guitar would have.

Bands and people choose particular guitars for the tones they produce. A Fender Strat sounds nothing like a Les Paul Gibson. Each guitar has a unique and distinctive sound.

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I learnt in an electric but I think if I could go back I would learn on a nylon stringed acoustic!

It can be a shock when you switch to an acoustic after learning on an electric guitar.
The pressure needed to hold down the strings can surprise people.

Nylon or steel strings will build up your callouses and finger strength much faster I'm guessing but then when you switch to electric it's a breeze.

I learned on a steel stringed acoustic. You know, the one with the mystical story behind it. I haven't forgotten about it and will relay it soon.

Things are very messed up here right now but I will get around to it sometime. It's a cracking yarn. 👍

I do love a cracking yarn!

I agree and that is why I think that an acoustic is a great guitar to learn on. You really get a feel for walloping those strings down and get the callouses and finger strength required to play well. I have several electrics and still love picking up my old nylon acoustic for a mess about!

Very good video....
So many good guitars out there now...
I think beginner’s tend to buy cheep, very hard to play guitars.
If they stick to it, they realize this, and are so shocked when they pick up a well setup guitar.
That will motivate them to learn !!😊🤗

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Very true. When you play a well setup guitar it's like butter in your hands.
The good news is that these days you can pick up a good quality guitar for under $150.
It's astonishing really. 👍

Very, very true my friend.....One of the best things I ever did was to learn to play Guitar😀

Nice Discussion Sir, I am Like to playing Acoustic. Hear is on of my playing photograph. Masood2.jpg

That looks like an interesting guitar. What's the story on it?

Acoustic, though most of my guitar students immediately want to go to electric. Acoustic builds the hand muscles better.

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Hi just found your comment. I thought I had replied to this already? Yeah it's interesting that many new guitar players want to go to electric. It is easier to play. I agree that acoustic builds up the muscles faster too.

I'm just glad the younger generation still wants to play guitars. Many are into dj looping equipment only.

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Live music and real instruments have come in and out of favour over the decades. It's good that some younger people still want to play real music rather than just sampling stuff from the past.
It's amazing to thlnk that the Rolling Stones and many older bands are still gigging. There is still a massive audience out there for live music.