DIY Guitar repair look what I found inside this Kay G101 Acoustic travel guitar

in #dtubelast year (edited)

Watch as I do some DIY repairs on this vintage Kay G101 acoustic travel guitar. It is well over 30 years old and the guitar needs some tender loving care but look what I found inside it lol.

In order to fix this guitar I have to strip it of all it's fittings and strings. there is a crack where the body meets the sides and I could send it to a guitar shop or luthier but where's the fun in that?

All of these DIY guitar repairs can be done at home with some very basic tools and a bit of time. I used a small precision screwdriver an action camera and some superglue.

I would like to hear what you call that thing that was inside the guitar?

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Below is the updated action camera.
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What a fun project! I hope it sounds good when you're finished.

It sounds great thanks Keith. Just catching up on the editing. You could be hearing it soon.

My classical guitar has a bit of separation similar to what is going on with this guitar. Seems that the glue used might have slowly offgassed leaving a gap. I'll try your method of filling it with super glue.

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Yep it's a quick fix as long as it is just separation. The old glue doesn't last forever and the super glue works great. Just posted the update to this post. Hectic edit lol

Now you have to tune it again :)

I'm busy with it right now lol These nylon strings take a lot of tuning as they are very stretchy. Twang! lol

I've been cranking out the videos on this project and now have hours and hours of video editing to do!....Dooh! lol

Hahaha. Yeah that's YouTube for you. The work is in the editing.

I am in my forth session of editing so far on this project lol Just when you think you have got it just right another alternative option arises haha!
Luckily for me I really love the editing process.

Pro tip! Avoid alcohol at all costs haha

30year old guitar !!!

@tipu curate 2

Thank you @tipu your supprort is greatly appreciated.

It's probably much older. I got it in the early 1980's!!

Very informative demo.

Thanks momz, it's great fun.

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