60 Seconds of Steem Promo Video Entry "What is Steem?"

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Finally got enough done on my 60 seconds of Steem video to share it with you all. For anyone that hasn't been paying attention @surfermarly thought up a cool contest to make video promotional material for Steem. You can check out the details of the contest here.

So a bit about my video. For everyone that attempted to do this little project you had to think of what Steem is to you, as well as what you're trying to present it as. Is it a place for content creators to make money? Is is a good investment for investors? Is it good place to start a business? Is it a useful currency? Etc.

So the thing with Steem is it's all these things, and that's just scratching the surface. I has the potential to be so much more. So that's what I wanted to get across and communicate. That Steem in its current state is like the equivalent of stem cells, it can become almost anything. Currently it's a lot of things for a lot of different people all around the world so a key theme in my video is diversity.

I attempted to show that visually with the color scheme, with the rainbow colored blocks and particle elements, as well as with the script. I wanted to get a more diverse selection of people reading the script to further drive that concept home, but I ended up needing just about every minute just to finish the video by the deadline.


Another aspect of Steem that I wanted to get across was the human aspect, or the community. I feel like this is something that differentiates Steem from other blockchains/cryptocurrencies. Of course other cryptos have communities, but with Steem, ours is integrated in the functionality of the coin, so I wanted to show that as well.



So a huge thank you to @surfermarly for putting this whole thing together, I've been looking at some of the other submissions and they're really cool. This sort of thing is really inspiring when you see what the community is capable of. I feel like we're only going to get stronger over time at this sort of thing.

Also a huge thanks to the peeps that supported this @dtube, @esteemapp, @heimindanger, @nextgencrypto, @roelandp, @theycallmedan, @oracle-d and @utopian-io. This model is simple but powerful and looking at the results of all the different videos people produced it definitely works.

Here's the youtube version

Enjoy! Hope you all like 😁

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great art work, you hit both the content creator and the business angle well here! beautiful art work and shared on Youtube :). thank you @midlet!

If you think its useful, you might include your @Steem.Ninja instant sign up referral link in the description so that you can get rewarded for each new user that you onboard as a result of your video! :) steem.ninja referrals

Thanks @oracle-d! And thanks for the heads up about the @steem.ninja referral link, I hadn't even thought about that, done!

so beautiful! Absolute great work!

Great definition of steem just in 60 seconds. I think this is wonderful entry for promo contest. definitely steem is the sound of cryptocurrency market and steem is connecting people around the world.
Infact if we ..........
Appreciate people blog, this is steem
Supporting to quality content, this is steem
Making a meaningful comment, this is steem
Make a strong community to growth of this blockchain, this is steem

And this is possible when we make campaign together to promote steem on social media to bring value.
Thank you for your contribution to promote #STEEM

Yep, i like this one!! I'm gonna have to reSteem!! #ChooChooBaby

Great work @midlet. This video surely deserve the sport in top 3.

Good luck for the contest :)

Beautiful video that meets the goals of the promotion steem.

Thanks so much @behelen! And thanks for the vote :)

Oh this is just simply fabulous. You put so much work into your video @midlet. Very professionally done. I love how you incorporated all of the DApps and how the logo comes together at the end. Great job! Take a look @elipowell. Thank you @surfermarly for a wonderful contest.

Thanks @pyemoney! Glad you like it 😊

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You guys are really making it hard for the community to pick their favorite!! ;) Great entry @midlet, very well done focusing on the diversity of Steem 👌

Thanks for being part of it!!!

Thanks so much @surfermarly! Yea there’s a lot of really cool entries!

Wow! Your video could be a commercial for Steem that plays on television. I love it!! 🥰

Thanks so much @jluvs2fly!

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