Body Products Tech : The Start of a Dynasty

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it is ya boi, @metama, here once again with a rather outlandish video.

This is a short story describing my recent trip to colorado.

i hope you enjoy

How I successfully convinced my friend to help me launch a business in 1 day... and how we launched said business.

Let me tell you about my friend Ben

my friend ben and I met a few years ago on Six Pack, a competitive club ultimate frisbee team that was founded back in 2012.

ben and i payed during the club's first year, and enjoyed the freedom that came from being a part of a fledgling organization.

Six Pack had no rules other than the ones we decided to create.

we played frisbee, traveled around the states and enjoyed every moment...


Ben has now been my teammate, coach (yes, he ended up transferring to my University for work, and coached my team) and Friend for 5+ years.

I've just survived another family reunion in Colorado...

and Ben now lives in Denver.

I reach out ... Can I have a place to stay ... for freeeeee

Of course he accepts

and soon I'm chillin' Denver.

I'm hanging out with Ben

we're riding bikes

eatin good food

generally having a hell of a time

But it's not all fun and games

I'm out here in Colorado

at an altitude I've only ever dreamed of

working hard to explore these cities

and I'm tired!



my boi ben comes to the rescue

during his journies in the land of ultimate

ben discovered something magical

he discovered

the buffr

wtf is that thing!?

i'll tell you

it's a miracle packed in a cardboard box

its like the put 3 Taiwanese masseuses into a molded plastic shell

strapped a power cord to it

and let it loose on the open market

its supposed to be used for waxing cars

imagine 150 watts of vibrating muscle goodness

it's really that good

we always use them for muscle soreness

but you can use it whenever you feel tight

great for runners, cyclists or anyone who has sore muscles


there is no way to describe it

back to our story

so he breaks this bad boy out

fresh out of the box

looks at me and says

hey @metama, wanna buff??

uhh... yes!

the moment that thing touches my body its like i've had one million orgasms

like I started cumming only to have an orgasm in my orgasm

like i was got damn incepted by my own mind,

just to blow my my got damn mind

and then, 17 minutes later, i realized that I had forgotten what time it was

so after remembering how magnificent of an experience that was...

i got to thinking

giphy (1).gif

i said to my friend

hey ben, you know what im thinking?

what are you thinking @metama?

what if we took this goodness... and shared it with the world?

eradicating muscle soreness, and our (mostly mine) lack of money in our bank accounts

at the same time

after a moment he said ...

that's the best idea i've ever heard @metama!

lets quit our day jobs and commit full time to this project

Here's $25,000 of start up capital


oh wait,

that was just my imagination

ok ya... I'm down

and we were off!

we used Clickfunnels to create a series of landing pages.

i shot a video on my phone using my microphone and tripod

his roommate came in clutch with the DP role and my boi Ben supplied the cheek action

30 minutes later (we set a time deadline of 7pm ... this was around 645) we had created this

the website was live

we had a promo video

we just needed traffic ...

tenor (1).gif
that's where we messed up

we weren't able to get enough traffic to really know if the world wanted this or not

that's why i've decided to bring this gem back from the dead

and bravely ask the question

do you want to see the buffr by Body Products Tech come to life?


we just wanted to show that anyone could start a business

it's actually a great product

If you want to see this exist ...

show us some love with an upvote

leave us an encouraging comment

and if you are really wild ...

Buy One Of Them

it will change your life

and you will thank me

It's up to you Steem

our lives,

the life of this business,

the very future of this car cleaning product

are in your hands.

What do say ye?

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