Spreading the Word: Getting YouTubers to become DTubers

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Yesterday, one of my favorite YouTubers, Pecos Hank posted a new video about the new dystopian reality 1000s of other content creators have experienced: He too has been struck by the Youtube Adpocolypse.

Pecos Hank is known for his very high quality and expertly produced Storm Chasing videos. He has decades of experience chasing some of the most destructive storms in the last 25 years, and has academic-level knowledge on meteorology and the physics of how & why tornadoes form.
He's also a very talented southwestern rockabilly musician and nature enthusiast (quite the Renascence man!)

Like many creators who have been forced to look for new sources of revenue due to YouTube's impenetrable, ponderous and just plain broken advertisement algorithms that only encourage the most banal content in order to get paid, he's created a Patreon so his fans can help support his work and he can continue to produce his high-quality content.

While I'm generally a fan of Patreon (and currently support several creators along with Hank) and personally know creators who are able sustain a living from their donations, it's not without it's own set of issues.

In the comments on his latest video, I suggested he check out DTube and gave a quick back-of-the-envelope explanation on how creators can earn directly via upvotes from their viewers:

I'm very encouraged that out of a sea of comments, he took note of my suggestion. Hopefully he'll at least give DTube a once-over and consider posting his videos there. And that's exactly what YOU should be doing!

As YouTube turns itself into the exact thing it was trying not to be (a wasteland of "advertiser-appropriate" drivel) reach out to your favorite YouTubers and tell them about DTube! Once a creator of any significance gets a chance to see that viewers paying them directly can work, DTube will see an explosion of use and new creators.

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