SOLAR AGM BATTERIES - Finding Them Cheap - Ordering Batteries Online IS CHEAPER! [DTUBE VIDEO]

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Watch SOLAR AGM BATTERIES - Finding Them Cheap - Ordering Batteries Online IS CHEAPER! [DTUBE VIDEO] video on DTube

The prices in the retail market for good AGM Solar Batteries is astronomical! You are going to pay an arm and a leg seriously. The little mom and pop solar retailers are going out of business because they are pricing themselves out of the market. The better way to build solar is to learn about it and do it yourself and shop around online for the cheapest prices.

We have not had a electric bill here on the homestead in 5 years and I like it that way. We have limited solar power to charge our devices and needed necessities. When building your solar project, please take the time to learn about batteries and how solar power works. AGM batteries are way more efficient than Lead Acid batteries and you will thank yourself 10 times over for getting the AGM type batteries instead of Lead Acid.



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I love these vmax batteries. We have 8 of them. Planning on getting 8 more.

I know its highly recommended to go deep cycle, but I have been getting "New" one year old batteries from car dealerships that change out a battery after its sat in a brand new car not sold for a year right before they deliver it to the new customer. I tell you its still packs a huge spark after only one year, but see they can't warranty it anymore so they exchange for a brand new one and sell the old "new" battery which are usually 99% good! There are literally tons of these batteries available on the market now because car sale are tapering off

Good info! Does someone just contact the dealerships for those batteries?

The dealerships will never sell them to you directly. What you have to do is find out when the "guy" company picks up these old batteries from the service/parts manager. Once you have that information plan on being there and waiting for the "guy" to arrive. Once you make contact, offer to buy a battery or a few(start around 50% of what a new one costs). Some of the time these battery recycler guys are also the managers or owners of the company and may sell them to you off the back of the van. btw, this does not work with all places as some dealerships have different arrangements with their suppliers.

Great find Zac, thanks for sharing. If anyone is interested in learning about building their own Solar system, I took an online course that I found very helpful. The great part is that the instructor starts with power usage to minimize your power draw on the system and then helps you build one based on your reduced need.

Thanks for this information. We have to build our own equipment from scratch since bringing it into the country is expensive. Too high duty and taxes plus shipping costs.

You're welcome @cecicastor, I'm happy to share the information.

Great info! Thanks for sharing!

Thanks for the information Zac. We are hoping to have our wind and solar power up and running by the end of the year. We want to be totally off the grid. Power bills here are monstrous and I think we can find a better way to utilize our funds.

Great video, thank you for always being a good steward of the community! Steem On Brother!

Glad I caught this on DTube & great to see you posting here. This was useful information and something I'll file away when the time comes for replacing the four gel batteries we have for our backup (grid-down) solar system. (Couldn't go all off-the-grid in our state, but did what we could.) Never thought to look online. I'll be following you on Steemit now to keep up with the times!

I am glad you did this on the batteries, there is just so much information over load and all the experts scream about the right way (nvm they are not off grid) and you have to have this one particular battery or you fail and burn up your system. Thank you for keeping it real! Sharing for others to learn..

So love this topic. Thanks so much, I will be watching more of your content.
Live free.

nice info...dear

We are probably 5 years out on getting solar installed. I would like to add it when we add our aquaponics system. Our plans are for a system that is I believe twice the size of yours. Can you let me know how your soar system worked with the aquaponics system, we are planning on a centralized fish location in a barn and green houses about 40 foot away, we will need to use larger pumps than you have, just wondering if I should keep thinking about solar for it or just keep that portion of our operation on grid?

Thanks for the info Zac....

Been looking into this and actually was looking at the V Max Batteries. Glad to hear your point of view on this. We may be buying some of these soon!

Thanks you.